Southwest Airlines: Carry a Golf Club in Baggage

Winter is the perfect time to travel and visit golf courses around the world, but transporting golf clubs can sometimes be a hassle. If you can’t play without your own clubs, we review some tips and prices for transporting golf clubs while travelling.

Transport your clubs in a bag that really protects them, with a padded surface, soft or hard, which prevents damage to the material. Some airlines require you to sign a document releasing all liability in the event of damage to your equipment when you transport it in a soft bag.

Southwest Airlines allows golf bags to be carried free of charge, as long as you stay within the baggage allowance of your airfare. If the weight or size of the golf equipment exceeds this amount, you will have to pay extra for this baggage.

Baggage allowance varies by destination and class of travel. However, your golf bag must not exceed the following dimensions: (75 x 29.5 x 25.5) inches

If the weight of your checked baggage exceeds your fare, you must pay a supplement to be able to transport it with you on the plane.

Golf equipment is considered standard baggage at no additional charge. However, you will have to pay extra if you exceed your baggage allowance. Additional fees are charged according to the supplement.

How do you plan club transportation on a Southwest aircraft?

Contact the US company before you start packing. Make sure that the transport will comply with the guarantees, and take the opportunity to find out about prices, insurance, etc.

Carry your clubs in a rigid bag. The US carrier may require you to sign a document absolving them of any liability if the bag does not meet the minimum requirements.

Standard measurements and weights are 75x30x26 cm and 50 pounds, although some companies allow special measurements.

Make a selection of your clubs, you probably won’t need it for a few days of golf. Sports equipment and larger packages are usually shipped through special gates, so don’t be surprised if they make an appointment with you in advance.

If Southwest does not offer you insurance, remember to purchase an external policy. No matter how careful the airline is, the hardware can be damaged in one way or another. We all know how hard it is to get good golf equipment, so don’t take the risk.

Identify your bag with your name and contact details

If you can, also mark the coordinates of the hotel where you are going to stay. Most airlines require an additional payment to check in a bag with golf clubs, although there are several that don’t require you if you don’t exceed the maximum weight. Southwest Airlines allows you to carry a golf bag for free in the hold, knowing that its maximum weight must be less than or equal to 50 pounds. Any overrun will result in the payment of a fee to be paid at the airport.

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