Rapid Rewards: Redeem Miles with Southwest

Like almost all major international airlines, Southwest Airlines has its frequent flyer program, and most passengers participate in it with varying degrees of activity. The general rule is that in order to benefit from privileges (a free premium ticket, an upgrade of the class of service on board, etc.), one must fly frequently, purchase the services of program partners, pay with a credit card from a partner bank (VISA), … That is, first spend a lot, so that later something gets it for free with a lot of reservations and restrictions. Is it possible to speed up the process?

Buy Rapid Rewards Points

The system of air miles allows you to accumulate points as you travel in order to offer you an air ticket. To give you this gift as soon as possible, Southwest allows you to buy them.

Do you want to travel with miles or redeem them for a product from the Southwest catalog, but you don’t have enough? You can buy miles online with just a few clicks.

It’s great when you earn enough points to redeem free travel, but you don’t necessarily have to wait for your points to accumulate before reaping the rewards rewards.

You can immediately purchase airline miles to top up your frequent flyer miles and get any deal you want on that flight ticket.

You can buy as many miles as you want. Southwest adds them the same day to your account.

For you to make an informed decision, here are some tips that can help you:

– You can only buy miles once per day;

– You can buy unlimited miles each time.

– Many times the number of miles you can buy in a year varies. Check this information carefully in case you think you will need to purchase more times.

– You must pay for your miles by credit card.

– The miles you purchase do not qualify you for Rapid Rewards membership categories

– You can only buy miles on the Southwest Airlines website

Procedures to follow to buy miles

If you agree with all these points, follow the steps below:

– Go to this page and login to your member account.

– Click on the Buy Miles tab.

– Enter the number of miles you wish to purchase and click Continue. All you have to do is choose the amount of Miles you want to buy and finally, pay by credit card.

– Select your payment method (credit card).

– Complete the transaction.

If you think the price assigned to each mile is high, then it is recommended to assess whether it is practical to make your purchase, or whether it is better to find another use for these insufficient miles.

Award Miles are used to obtain award tickets. You can acquire them with each flight purchased, but also through purchases if you have the VISA Rapid Rewards credit card, an advantage for having more miles.

Rules for collecting miles

The Southwest Airlines offer allows the passenger to receive a certain number of points for each purchase and then spend the points on various carrier services. The number of mileage accruals is related to the prices of purchased air tickets, flight distance and other nuances. It is worth checking with the carrier with which the airlines cooperate, where it will be possible to receive a reward for purchases.

In some cases, customers receive bonuses for purchasing insurance or subscribing to magazines and books. For the accumulated miles, passengers buy promotional tickets, hotels offer tourists discounts on accommodation, and the class of the booked ticket increases.

How are bonus miles calculated?

The amount of mileage accrual is linked to the duration and price of the flight, passenger status, flight class

The regulations of the American airline provide for the accumulation of two types: specialized and non-qualifying. To start earning points, you will need to purchase an airline ticket or products from partner carriers. Customers redeem qualifying points for a more comfortable class and award tickets. Non-specialized points are promotional accumulations received for the purchase of products from the carrier’s partners and do not provide for an increase in the passenger’s prestige.

The status of the card also affects the number of bonuses received – owners of elite cards receive one and a half times more miles

If you received a credit card from a partner bank like VisaCard, it provides for the collection of a number of bonuses – these functions are determined by the type of financial institution services used. To use the Plus card, the company calculates one mile per unit of currency or for a purchase from a credit card, which the passenger spends. If you have a Premier card, the company rates similar spending at one and a half or two points.

Accumulation of miles for hotel booking

To earn miles, you can use the hotel reservation service at this website. There are hotels from more than two hundred countries of the world. The service has an integrated system through which you can find out how many bonuses will be added if you book a room in a particular hotel for a certain period. You just need to enter the data in the search engine and click on Find Hotels. Offers are filtered by popularity, location, cost, reviews.

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