Buy a low Southwest flight with the Wanna Get Away fare

Southwest Wanna Get Away Fare is an inexpensive fare offered by Southwest Airlines. You can get this fare if you book online or call There are some restrictions when booking this fare. For example, you must purchase tickets within 7 days of departure. Also, there is a blackout period during the first week of each month.

Southwest Wanna Get Away fares are cheapest but are non-refundable and have limited rewards value.

The Wanna Get Away Fare: Other Important Informations

Wanna get away tickets are great because you get 6 rapid rewards points per dollar instead of the standard 10 or 12. But there isn’t much point in paying more for 4 or 6 points instead of 5 or 7 points.

You can cancel WGA tickets without penalty as long as you do it at least ten minutes before flight’s scheduled departure time. You’ll get a flight credit and not a refund. You’ll be able to use your unused credit within 12 months from the original purchase date. WGA ticketed passengers aren’t allowed to change or standby flights.

Same day changes and standby seats are only available to travelers who purchased any type of ticket. There are no change fees as long as you make the changes at least 10 minutes before your flight departs. Free baggage allowance applies to all Southwest fare classes. Any difference in the cost of the new ticket qualifies as a fee.

Southwest’s cheapest fare option is called Wanna Get Away

This is Southwest’s least expensive fare type. However, there are some drawbacks to using this fare type. First of all, Wanna Get Away fares aren’t refundable. So, you won’t get any money back if you decide to change or cancel your flight. Secondly, you’ll earn fewer Southwest Rapid Rewards Points with this fare type compared to other fare types.

Seat selection and boarding: Southwest Airlines doesn’t assign seats and you can’t pick them in advance. Instead, passengers buy tickets and then decide what seat they want to sit in. Boarding groups and positions are assigned at check-ins, so if you do it early enough, you may be able to get a better spot to board. EarlyBird tickets allow you to get checked in earlier than normal.

They also guarantee you an A1 to A5 boarding position. If you’re willing to pay more money, you can get a business class seat or even an aisle seat. If you’re an A-list preferred member, Southwest will automatically seat you when you check in online.

How do you book a flight with the Wanna Get Away fare?

Southwest does not allow any online travel agents or other online search tools such as Kayak to advertise their prices. To purchase your ticket, go to and enter your preferred dates. Then choose the Wanna Get Away option and follow the instructions to complete your booking.

Travelers who appreciate a good deal should consider Wanna Get Away fares. They are cheaper than Southwest’s other fares by an average of 31%. Plus, they earn Rapids Rewards points when they spend with Southwest or its airline partners, and ground partners (6 points for $1). Prices can vary widely depending on your destination and departure date. Wanna Get Away fares are cheap but don’t earn as many Rapid Rewards points as Anytime fares. Refunds are limited to travel credits instead of cash refunds.

Wanna Get Away passengers aren’t eligible for the same day change or same day standby benefits. However, these benefits are available to Anytime fare passengers if they’re available. You should buy your ticket with an Anytime fare because you’ll get more flexibility and better prices.

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