Rapid Rewards tier qualifying points: What are they?

Rapid Rewards is the program designed by Southwest Airlines to reward its customers, allowing them to convert frequent flights on itineraries of the carrier and its multi-member partners into useful privileges. These include free tickets and upgrades. And special services. It is important that the flights taken are eligible for the promotion and are scheduled.

All passengers want to know about Rapid Rewards qualifying miles, Southwest Airlines’ rewards program, what they are and how they differ from non-qualifying miles. The difference is related to the rules of the bonus program, which offers many privileges to its members. But what are these privileges and how can one obtain them?

Is participation in the bonus system really profitable and how long will it take to receive the first prize? These are questions that all Rapid Rewards subscribers love to have answered.

What are Tier Qualifying Points?

They are simply points to be accumulated when you book air tickets issued by Southwest Airlines only, and which must be paid for, not booked with miles.

TQPs can also be earned when you use the credit cards offered by the American company such as Rapid Rewards Premier, Priority and Business.

You can accumulate up to 1500 points each time you spend with the American company or its partners (when you use its credit cards) reach ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

TQP qualifying miles include all points received when purchasing tickets within authorized fares and distances. On the second, those who are charged for the use of additional services of program partners or for participation in the Rapid Rewards rewards program, these points do not improve the level of status in the program.

Regarding the TQP to be won after booking the flights, they are calculated according to the price of the plane ticket. The passenger earns 6 TQP/$ by choosing the Wanna Get Away fare, 10 TQP/$ by booking his plane ticket with the Anytime fare, and 12 TQP/$ by making his reservation with the Business Select fare.

It should however be remembered that you do not earn TQP when you book award tickets, hotel rooms or cars rented with miles points, …

Three primary statuses design the Southwest Rewards Program. These can be unlocked through TQP qualification points, each of which requires reaching a threshold of points to be unlocked and have access to its privileges.

A-List: 35,000 TQP during a year which is the equivalent of 25 flights

A-List Preferred: 70,000 TQP to be accumulated over twelve months and equivalent to 50 flights

Compagnion Pass: Have 125,000 TQP in your frequent flyer account each year end or fly 100 times with Southwest in a calendar year.

Validity of qualifying miles

Participants in this program should take into account that Rapid Rewards miles run out under certain conditions. This happens if the passenger has not purchased tickets for two years either from the main carrier or from its partner airlines. In the event that there has been no activity for four years, the client’s account itself will be canceled.

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