Rapid Rewards: Award Ticket Purchase Process

All subscribers of the Rapid Rewards program are interested in a very important question, how to spend the bonuses accumulated when buying a ticket? After all, that’s why they participate in this loyalty program.

How to get an award ticket for accumulated points?

Southwest Airlines lets you get tickets for miles. If there are enough points in the account, the passenger can receive a gift ticket for any destination. Miles will be deducted from your personal account in exchange. To do this, you need to go to your personal account, then open the miles calculator to find out how many bonuses you need to travel to a particular city, enter its name and starting point in the calculator.

To book an award ticket, immediately go to Southwest.com and search for tickets by checking that tickets should be searched for miles. Then follow the pop-up instructions. To book an award ticket, immediately go to the Southwest Airlines website and search for tickets by checking that tickets should be searched for miles. Then follow the pop-up instructions:

– Registration can be done by the participant himself or his authorized representative.

– Buy a ticket for Rapid Rewards miles in one direction or both directions.

– This award is available on flights operated by Aeroflot and other partner carriers.

– Gift tickets do not allow more than two transfers.

– Gift cards with an open date are not permitted.

– If all seats on board are sold out, the airline may refuse to issue an award ticket.

– The ticket is valid for one year.

– The number of miles required varies by class of travel. The calculator will calculate how many miles you need and if you are happy with everything, press the “Book” button.

How to buy an award ticket?

When purchasing, you must select the Pay with Miles option. In the absence of access to the personal account, it is possible to issue an award ticket through the headquarters of the company. To do this, you must register there, with a passport and a promotion card, at least two days before the planned trip.

Is it possible to get a refund for an award ticket if the flight is cancelled?

This option is not provided. A ticket paid for with Miles is valid for one year after purchase and cannot be exchanged for another premium product or refunded in cash. Refunds, sales and transfers to a person not named on the ticket are prohibited.

Combine two accounts to earn enough Miles to purchase an award ticket

Program rules prohibit the merging of user accounts. However, the member can use the Miles Transfer option by transferring part of the miles from his personal account to the card of any other holder. During such a transaction, the non-qualifying Miles will be credited to the second account.

Special service charges for the purchase of an award ticket?

When issuing such a ticket, no additional fee is charged. The buyer only pays the standard airfare and airport taxes.

When booking, and entering the personal data correctly, you arrive at the payment page. If there are not enough reward points to buy a ticket, it will not be possible to buy it and the corresponding message Insufficient points will appear in the window.

Important: Since this ticket is called a reward ticket, you can only buy it for the accumulated points. It will not be possible to pay extra for a purchase using a card or in any other way, such an opportunity is not provided for by the terms of the program.

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