Procedure for Carrying Firearms on Southwest Airlines flights

Weapons are a subject of increased danger, so you should prepare especially carefully for their transport, especially if you are traveling by plane. If you know the rules of the airline Southwest Airlines and the sequence of actions in advance, you can safely transport unloaded weapons without fear of unpleasant and controversial situations.

For those who often travel with arms, for example, hunters, law enforcement officers or those wishing to protect themselves from crime on the street, there are special conditions governing the carriage of arms on board Southwest planes. The transport of weapons entails certain obligations, for example, notifying airline employees in advance of a shotgun, pistol, special packaging in addition to ammunition, …

What is sure and certain, and that the transport of firearms is not possible in hand luggage. It must be placed in checked baggage.

Southwest Airlines Weapons Carriage Terms and Conditions

Transport is carried out by prior agreement with the administration of the airline and registration, packaging of weapons in accordance with the rules of air transport.

Any type of weapon at the departure airport must be handed over in safe custody, packed in a special crate and sealed. For the duration of the flight, the passenger receives a special document, which will describe the item stored, the number of the seal and the date of packing. Packing guns

The packaging must comply with safety requirements, ensure the safety of weapons and ammunition for the duration of the flight. Ammunition will be located separately from the barrel, also tightly packed and previously described by airport personnel.

According to the rules, the transport of weapons on a Southwest Airlines plane must not weigh more than 11 pounds.

Also, civilian weapons, according to law, include pneumatic models with muzzle energy. This means that the transport process on board the aircraft corresponds to firearms (registration, packaging, storage in checked baggage).

The cost of transporting weapons

The rules for the carriage of hunting weapons stipulate that they can be placed free of charge in the checked baggage included in the reservation, within the limit of the weight indicated by the American air operator.

Process of transporting firearms with Southwest Airlines

When booking a ticket for a Southwest aircraft in advance, it is necessary to inform a customer relations agent, the brand and serial number of the weapon, if there is ammunition in the kit. This must be done at least 48 hours before departure.

The passenger will receive a notification with an authorization or prohibition of carriage (most often a positive response) to the e-mail address indicated.

Before the flight departs, those carrying weapons should report to the check-in counter early to confirm all documents, register a firearm or rifle, deposit it for temporary storage, and seal it.

Note: Civilian weapons also include spark chargers and electric shock devices, so the transport procedure must comply with weapons legislation. Documents should be prepared for them, the devices should comply with the technical standards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to check the output parameters.

Carriage of firearms by plane: Conditions applied by Southwest Airlines

Carrying weapons on a Southwest aircraft is classified as an increased risk, so you should familiarize yourself with all the rules in advance:

– When booking a ticket, you must notify the airline at least two days in advance. The US carrier will make a corresponding request;

– A citizen is obliged to arrive at the airport early (at least two hours before departure) to organize the transport of weapons in his checked baggage;

– A citizen is required to have a license for weapons and carry relevant documents for storage and transportation;

– When exporting weapons abroad, you must obtain permission from the state bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

– Firearms may only be transported in an unloaded position. It should be stored in a protective case. All ammunition must be transported in a separate crate or package;

– Citizens transferring mid-flight are required to re-register weapons;

– All weapons must be carried in checked baggage. This rule even applies to dummies and weapon simulators.

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    If I’m checking a firearm and have a connection, can I check it all the way through or do I have to claim it and recheck it in the connecting city?

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