How much baggage to carry according to Southwest Airlines policy?

Southwest Airlines baggage policy has been formulated to avoid any inconvenience faced by passengers. Passengers traveling with Southwest Airlines are required to follow these rules. Rules define the weight of bags that are acceptable.

Hand baggage allowance

It is allowed to carry things that do not contain articles prohibited for carriage in the hand luggage in the cabin of the Southwest aircraft.

Beyond the established standard and without charging an additional fee, the following items are permitted to be carried as carry-on baggage for a passenger:

– A backpack or a handbag, or a briefcase with things placed in a backpack, or a bag, or a briefcase;

– Bouquet of flowers;

– Outdoor clothing;

– Baby food for the child during the flight;

– A suit in a suitcase;

– A device for transporting a child (a cradle, restraint systems (devices) for children under two years of age, a stroller whose dimensions do not exceed 42 × 50 × 20 cm) when transporting a child , which can be safely placed in the aircraft cabin on a shelf above the passenger seat or under the seat in front of the passenger seat (otherwise checked baggage at no additional cost).

Checked Baggage Allowance

Southwest Airlines allows its passengers to carry two bags (up to 50 pounds) for free, but they must fit within certain dimensions. For example, the total dimensions of the bags cannot exceed 62 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 14 inches high. In addition, if your bag exceeds these dimensions, an extra charge may apply.

Southwest Airlines: Additional Baggage Carriage Rules

The maximum weight of baggage is limited to 50 pounds (23 kilograms). Excess baggage must be checked into the cargo hold. Baggage fee applies if you’re carrying more than 50 pounds of luggage.

Southwest Airlines: Oversized Baggage Fees

Southwest Airlines charges extra baggage fees depending on the condition of your luggage. Carrying extra luggage costs you $75. Luggage that weighs more than 50 pounds costs you $110. Larger suitcases cost you an additional $75. If your suitcase is larger than 62 inches long, you’ll pay another $75.

Southwest Airlines: Transporting Pets

Southwest baggage allowance policy for pet owners is very strict. Tiny and trained cats or dogs are allowed inside the passenger cabin. Pet owners must transport their pets in containers. These containers should be sized according to the Southwest carry-on bag size.Pet carriers must be less than 8.5 inches tall. They may not exceed 18.5 inches in height or 13.5 inches in diameter. There can only be one pet carrier per person. A fee of $95 will be charged for each container.

Southwest Airlines: Transport of sports equipment by plane

A golfer should take golf clubs when flying with Southwest. Singers should bring their sports equipment when flying with Southwest. Sportsmen should pack their equipment when flying with Southwest.

Southwest Airlines: Prohibited Items in Baggage

Southwest Airlines prohibits lithium batteries because they could be dangerous if used improperly.

Electronic gadgets are also banned because they might interfere with flight systems. Matchsticks are prohibited because they can cause fires. Sharp objects are forbidden because they can injure passengers or damage the plane.There are many things you can do with knives and sharp objects, but electronic cigarettes and vape devices are not among them. Aerosoles are shoes with an open toe, while plastic explosives are made out of plastic.

Southwest: Lost and Found Policy

Lost and found service is available for customers flying with Southwest Airlines. Customers can contact the company if they lose something during flight. The customer service will guide them how to recover the lost item. You should provide correct and detailed info on: Where you were sitting. The attributes of your bag. By sending an email to the airline, we will get daily updates on the status of your bag. If not, we can contact you via your mobile phone if your bag has been found.

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