Southwest Early Bird: Service for fast check-in and boarding

With Southwest Airlines’ EarlyBird service, passengers have the possibility and opportunity to check in for their flight in advance, receive their boarding pass on their smartphone and drop off their baggage at the baggage counters at the airport. ‘airport.

By using this service, the traveler will benefit from two advantages: choosing their seat on the plane before the others and saving time. If you travel without checked baggage, you can then go directly to the boarding gate.

EarlyBird is a convenient service for Southwest Airlines passengers?

Absolutely, this service provides you with the possibility of checking in and obtaining the boarding pass before the 24 hours preceding the departure of your flight. Thus, you increase their chances of finding and reserving their favorite seats on the plane.

By purchasing this convenient service, the passenger will receive a confirmation receipt in his email inbox, of course if the reservation was made online.

EarlyBird: Various Ways to Purchase the Early Bird Check-in Service

For passengers interested in this option to facilitate their travels, they can book it by phone or online. This service is available up to 36 hours before the flight departure time. For a quick online booking, please only provide the following details: Last name, First name and the flight confirmation reference (composed of numbers and letters).

Who can take advantage of the Early Bird service and how much does it cost?

If you are traveling on the Wanna Get Away or Anytime fare, you can purchase priority check-in for $15, which allows you direct access to the Business check-in counter and benefit from priority access to cross-border checks and security checks, while ensuring an “A” position in the boarding list.

It is important to note that passengers booking the Eraly Bird option are automatically given priority in the boarding list, and they can consult their boarding positions thirty-six hours (36 hours) before departure.

What to do in case of flight modification or change of reservation?

For passengers booking the EarlyBird Check-In service and then modifying their booking by changing the departure time of their flights, they must also revalidate the booking for the EarlyBird service if their new flight takes off less than 24 hours after validation of the modification.

A passenger traveling under a reservation made by one person?

In this situation, all passengers included in the reservation must book EarlyBird Check-In.

Possibility of refund: What to do in case of flight Southwest Airlines cancellation?

Obviously, if Southwest Airlines will cancel your flight, and will refund the amount paid for the reservation of the EarlyBird Check-In service.

In the other case, that is to say, if it is the passenger who canceled his flight, Southwest Airlines will reimburse the fare for this service on the condition of proving that the cancellation was made for reasons and situations beyond of his control (illness, death of a relative, …). The refund will be made one week after the date of cancellation of the reservation.

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