Online check-in procedure for Southwest Airlines flights

Southwest Airlines online check-in is a convenient service for the passenger. Before placing an order, you need to know the features of buying a ticket and the necessary documents.

Preparing for the check-in process on a Southwest flight

To get on the plane without a tedious queue, the check-in process can be completed online, having received the reservation code in your hands. Such manipulation is now possible when buying a ticket for any flight: domestic or transatlantic.

To check in your Southwest Airlines flight, you need a computer or mobile phone with internet access. To fill out a ticket, you must have a passport at hand, from which the following data will be rewritten:

– Full name;

– Booking Reference.

Before you start online check-in, you need to know the exact route direction, flight number and e-ticket. Passengers have the option of reserving the seat that best suits them. But you can do this from the list available on the site, and there, most often, some places will be marked as not available, regardless of the time of registration.

It is not always possible to book a ticket for a Southwest Airlines flight. In some cases, online check-in is not possible. For example, a passenger traveling with an animal will not be able to place an order. The same situation threatens children who try to buy a ticket without being accompanied by a parent or guardian, seriously ill and people with disabilities will not be able to use this service.

This special group of passengers includes people who plan to carry dangerous goods with them. It will not be possible to check in from mobile or computer for passengers whose tickets were issued through travel agencies when purchasing more than nine tickets.

The procedure itself is extremely simple:

– Entering the family name and reservation code;

– Verification of data and selection of a passenger for registration;

– Thanks to the card number of the Aeroflot Bonus program, you can earn bonuses if you constantly enter this data;

– Selection of a seat on the plane;

– Printing of the boarding pass.

With this impression, you cannot go to the check-in counter. In addition to online check-in, the service allows you to view the online dashboard and flight schedules. The passenger can check the reservation, request group transport, cruise, exchange or return the ticket. It is very convenient to book a car, a hotel room from the official website. Use the calculator to calculate the required data and the total amount. In the event of loss of baggage, the passenger can consult the status sought online.

When departing for boarding, a person must have a printed boarding document in hand.

Checking in on a Southwest Airlines flight: Deadline

You can save a seat from 24 hours to 90 minutes before departure. Once the reservation has been made, the passenger will receive a reservation code in the form of a barcode. This procedure can be done at any airport terminal by obtaining a booking code.

There are restrictions on mobile check-in. Thus, people who need additional services cannot register when they choose an airport that is not in the list of available airports.

The check-in procedure for a Southwest flight online begins with familiarization with the rules, after which the passenger must check the box at the bottom of the page to read. After that, a form will appear on the screen where you need to enter the airline’s reservation number and the initials of the traveler. Check-in must be done exactly with the itinerary receipt.

For check-in, a passenger needs an airline reservation number. In addition to this value, there will be a Global Distribution System booking number and an agency booking. After choosing the number, the passenger should familiarize himself with the list of prohibited substances and items that cannot be carried with him. Then you need to check in.

If a seat is selected, it will be highlighted and its number will appear next to the passenger’s last name. After choosing a location, click the Record button. The procedure is almost complete, all that remains is to print the boarding ticket. A button with a similar inscription will also be highlighted.

Online check-in from a Smartphone

Online check-in using computer and mobile is different. The first difference is the website address. A special website is available for mobile ordering, which is convenient to view on IOS (iPhone), Windows Phone and Android devices. If the service does not work, it is worth reviewing the technical parameters of the device and rebooking a seat on a Southwest flight.

Self-check-in kiosk

Southwest Airlines offers passengers to save time and take advantage of a new service – a self-check-in kiosk. The self-service check-in kiosk allows you to quickly and easily go through all the check-in steps for you and your travel companions, select the desired seat on board and print your boarding pass. Those who have checked in in advance can use the service, obtain a boarding pass and proceed to boarding (in the absence of baggage). Passengers with baggage must check them in at the usual check-in counters.

The automatic check-in terminal is located in front of the usual check-in counters.
Self check-in is available for passengers:

– Traveling on Southwest flights;

– Checked in no later than 90 minutes before flight departure with electronic tickets.

Using the self-check-in kiosk is very simple:

– At the airport, you can easily find the location of the kiosk;

– Insert an identification card (Rapid Rewards membership card or your credit card) into a special slot to start the registration procedure;

– Enter the reservation code (PNR code) and your last name by pressing the buttons on the screen;

– Check your itinerary and select yourself and/or the passengers traveling with you. Confirm the passenger’s gender;

– Select your seat(s) in the aircraft cabin;

– Complete the check-in procedure and print your boarding passes;

– Your check-in is complete, please proceed to boarding.

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