Traveling with a Portable O2 Concentrator on board a Southwest Airlines flight

Passengers who, for life-sustaining medical reasons, require oxygen-air therapy using a portable oxygen concentrator, Southwest Airlines allows them to carry them on board its cabins free of charge.

Every passenger is entitled to carry an approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) on board the Southwest Airlines aircraft for use during the flight. In this case, the oxygen concentrator is not taken into account when assessing the maximum size of hand luggage. However, the airline requires that certain conditions must be met in order to carry it in the cabin.

Southwest requires your portable oxygen concentrator to have a charged battery because you cannot plug it into an onboard electrical outlet. Also, it should not be large enough to store it under the seat (Less than or equal to 19″ (D) x 11″ (H) x 10.75″ (W).

Make your reservation in advance

Call 1.800.435.97.92 for reservations and information about traveling with an oxygen concentrator on board.

In order to carry this device on board Southwest Airlines aircraft, it is mandatory to complete a consent form prior to boarding.

Oxygen concentrator transport registration is made after order confirmation. A request for transportation of a portable oxygen concentrator is made no later than 48 hours before the passenger’s departure time. The request must include: Equipment data, type of batteries or accumulators used and the need for permanent or temporary use of the device.

In order to avoid unforeseen difficulties, it is necessary to notify the airline in advance, preferably at least 48 hours before the flight, of the need for this device for a passenger in flight.

In addition, you must personally plan for a sufficient number of batteries for the entire trip including unforeseen delays.

It is necessary to choose a seat on the plane so that you can use this device throughout the flight without causing inconvenience to yourself or other passengers. Because if you are sitting near a window or in the middle of a row, it will be difficult to use this equipment.

You already know that you can read this medical device from Southwest Airlines?

Indeed, the American company offers you to rent this device from its partners, Advanced Aeromedical and Liberty Medical, which can be reached at 800.346.35.56 and 800.375.60.60 respectively.

The O2 oxygen concentrator packaging must bear the name of the manufacturer and the model of the device.

The concentrator must have sufficient battery charge for the duration of the flight. If the patient is lying down, transporting the patient on a stretcher is carried out strictly accompanied by medical personnel.

If necessary, a stretcher for transporting passengers is provided free of charge by the airline.

How to use an oxygen concentrator in an airplane?

Many portable hubs are approved for use on aircraft during flight. This is indicated by the icon on the device.

In any case, a few weeks before the planned trip:

– Check with Southwest Airline to see if your oxygen concentrator model is approved for onboard use;

– Calculate the travel time to the airport and the possibility of recharging along the way;

– Take into account the time you have to spend at the airport;

– Prepare the device itself and the batteries;

– Complete all the necessary documents.

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