Change the surname or first name in the ticket flight issued by Southwest Airlines

It is difficult to be able to change a name on a plane ticket. You will therefore have to be very careful when buying your ticket.

You’ve probably been in that situation before where you wanted to be able to change a name on a plane ticket or transfer it to someone else. It is often said that tickets are non-transferable for security reasons, however, be aware that the law does not prohibit you from doing so. It is simply necessary that the name on the ticket corresponds to that of the identity document presented during the trip.

It goes like this: we see a profitable ticket and we immediately rush to buy it until the end of the promotion. What if in a hurry they made an unfortunate typo or forgot a new last name? What to do then?

Like all other airlines, Southwest requires you to enter your first and last name in Latin. This means that you must complete the fields with a passport in hand. It is unpleasant if, because of a letter, you will not be allowed to board the flight. For border guards from another country, Michal and Michael are completely different names. If your first and last name are more complicated, it is best to carefully check the data before clicking the Next button, and move on to the next flight booking step.

Correct or change passenger name

In addition to the letters of the first and last name, you can make mistakes in passport data, date of birth, and sometimes gender. For the American carrier, all these errors are the same: to be sure that you will be authorized on a flight, they must be corrected.

Airlines including Southwest Airlines therefore have their reasons for keeping control over any changes.

Got a Southwest Airlines plane ticket that you won’t be able to use? Or did they misspell your name when purchasing the ticket and you want to correct it? If you are wondering how to change the name of a plane ticket for one of these reasons, know that it is possible with the American airline.

Southwest agrees to modify the ticket free of charge or by paying a penalty (depending on the price of the reservation). In each case, you should call their customer service to rectify or correct the error.

The airline may refuse such service without explanation. If there is no special section with information on the company’s website, contact the company for more information.

The low-cost low-cost airline from the United States allows you to make changes to your reservation up to 10 minutes before departure via its call center.

If the name that appears in the passage is not fully editable. However, if you have a spelling mistake or have changed your marital status, you can correct and rectify the error, and this by contacting the US company’s call center at

If your reservation is made with a travel agency, you must contact them to make the necessary changes to your reservation.

On the Southwest website, you can change the gender on the ticket, passport number and validity for free. This is done in the Manage My Booking account.

Change or replace surname entirely

To completely change the name on the ticket and not pay a service fee, you need a good reason. For example: Marriage. Southwest is willing to provide the service for free if you present a marriage certificate, you can purchase a ticket in your maiden name and then update the booking details. But you can certainly find the conditions on the official website and in the call center of the airline.

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