Get insurance and travel with peace of mind with Southwest Airlines

Every year thousands of travelers taking Southwest Airlines flights face a bad experience with their luggage: delay, damage or theft. Although the airlines can compensate you in the event of an incident occurring during transport, this may prove to be insufficient and above all it is limited only to luggage entrusted to the company (particularly hold luggage) during their transport. This is why the baggage cover included in our contracts extends for the entire duration of your stay abroad, regardless of your destination.

Choose the insurance package that’s right for you and fly safely with Southwest Airlines.

Take out baggage insurance

– What items are covered by baggage insurance?

Southwest Baggage Insurance covers all your baggage, objects and personal effects brought with me or purchased during your trip, in other words:

– Your suitcases and travel bags,

– Your clothes, shoes…

– Your personal belongings (toilet bag, card holder, wallet, etc.),

– Your computer equipment, video

– Your photo equipment under certain conditions

– Your valuables within certain limits and conditions

However, baggage insurance never covers:

– Cash, credit cards

– Identity papers, keys

– Sporting goods and equipment

– Works of art, antiques

– Video game consoles

– Professional equipment (samples, medical equipment, etc.)

– Glasses, hearing aids.

Under what circumstances are you covered?

You are covered if your luggage, personal effects are:

– Totally or entirely damaged,

– Lost by Southwest during their transport to which you entrusted them,

– Stolen during your stay, delivered to the place of destination more than 24 hours late by the transport company.

When do you have to take out this guarantee?

– You can take out baggage cover until the day before your departure. What should you do in the event of a baggage claim?

– In the event of loss, damage or theft of your luggage?

If your luggage is damaged or lost by the carrier: you must have a certificate (P.I.R) drawn up by the latter (airline company, coach operator, train company, cruise operator, etc.) which acknowledges the circumstances of this damage.

In the event of theft, you must file a complaint within 48 hours with the police authorities.

In all cases, report your claim online on the Southwest online compensation platform website within five working days.

Photo equipment, valuables, what support?

Under what conditions is your photo equipment covered? Your photographic equipment will be covered only if it is damaged during a bodily accident (a fall, an accident, etc.). If you accidentally drop your camera, you will not be able to claim compensation.

What compensation for your valuables?

Valuables, i.e. all objects, other than clothing, whose purchase value is greater than €250, are covered when they are worn on your person (example: a jewel , a handbag,…) or that they have been returned to the hotel safe.

Valuables that are inside your hold baggage will not be covered in the event of loss of baggage.

– Our Advice

Avoid putting your valuables (jewellery, computer equipment, etc.) in the luggage you entrust to the carrier, it is better to keep it on you during transport or put it in the hotel safe during your stay.

Important: please note that compensation for your valuables can never exceed more than 50% of the total amount of the guarantee.

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