Southwest Airlines: Have the boarding pass on mobile

Southwest Airlines passengers have the mobile phone boarding pass system. The technology allows travelers to board only with their ID after checking in on their mobile device. This service is available on most flights served by the United States airline.

To benefit from the service, travelers must register directly on their smartphones by choosing their seat number at the same time. The maneuver can be made from 24 hours to 1h30 before departure at the check-in deadline.

A few seconds later, the traveler receives an SMS or an MMS or an e-mail directly on his mobile. It contains the same information as on traditional boarding passes (boarding time, boarding gate, departure time, seat number and class of travel), as well as a secure computer code.

For passengers with luggage, simply go to the Baggage Drop-off point and scan the barcode sent to the phone.

And if the phone fails, the data remains stored in Southwest Airlines’ reservation system. The passenger can then go through the self-service kiosks to obtain their boarding pass or at a Southwest counter.

Only equipped with his mobile phone and his identity card, the tourist can then pass the security check. To board, all he has to do is show his boarding pass on his smartphone.

Access to the boarding zone: Restaurants, shops, boarding school and waiting rooms. After obtaining the boarding pass, we can access the boarding area, after passing the security check.

The boarding area is in a restricted security area where only passengers are allowed to access and not their companions.

Many services are offered in this area, the aim of which is to make the passenger’s wait as pleasant as possible until the time of departure of his flight. You can walk around and access services in this area, but don’t get too distracted or lost. Don’t forget to check the information boards for the times and status of your flight, directions to know where you are at all times and how far you are from the gate assigned to your flight.

– The security check, a mandatory step before accessing the boarding area

To access the boarding area, it is necessary to go through the security checks, where it is verified that the passenger has the necessary documents to board: personal documents (DNI or passport) and boarding card, and the passenger is checked and your hand luggage.

Hand luggage to be carried on the plane is checked by X-ray scanning. Laptops and tablets must be removed from their carrying bags and placed on trays for X-ray examination. They must have a battery sufficient to start if required by control personnel.

Your personal belongings must also be placed in a bin: cell phones, purses, keys, metal belts, or any metal object likely to give a positive signal in the metal detection arch.
At the control, liquids that do not comply with liquid regulations will be removed: bottles or small bottles of water and soft drinks (empty reusable plastic bottles are accepted.

The passenger must pass through a metal detection hoop to ensure that he is not traveling with prohibited items. You are first asked to put in a bin the clothes that can hide an object: coats, scarves, boots, etc. On some occasions, the passenger may be subject to a foot scan or more detailed analysis by a security officer of the same gender.

Get here (page articles interdits) more information about prohibited items on the plane, security checks to access the boarding zone.

– Duty Free Shops

Duty-free shops are commercial establishments that offer their products without taxes or tax rates to all passengers who are about to board an international flight from Spain. They may therefore be required to have a passport and a boarding pass to make the said flight.

However, several brands and stores absorb these taxes on their products so that all passengers on international and non-international flights can benefit from their products.

See also the section on additional services offered by Spanish airports to passengers.

– VIP lounges, waiting rooms and departure lounges

In the boarding area, the passenger will have different spaces and rooms equipped for waiting with comfortable chairs and armchairs, sometimes reclining, and in some of them with armchairs that incorporate self-massage, although this service is usually chargeable.

It also has other types of rooms better equipped for waiting, called VIP rooms or VIP Lounges.

Access to the plane: departure lounge and boarding gate

The boarding gates doors through which you can directly access the aircraft – are distributed in the boarding zone.

At some major airports, boarding gates may also be grouped by boarding terminals, platforms, or quays: a name given to a large and precise area within the boarding area.

This information is detailed on your boarding pass and must coincide with the information that appears on the information screens announcing flight departures. If the information does not match, go to the nearest information desk.

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