Missing Rapids Rewards Points: How to claim them at Southwest?

The Rapid Rewards Program is a multi-functionality that aims to reach all avenues for the convenience of its customers, who are frequent flyers with Southwest Airlines. All the possibilities that benefit the traveler are periodically equipped, as this loyalty program includes a set of privileges that you rarely find on other airlines, which has made passengers eager to obtain Rapid Rewards membership to book flights.

In your Manage Booking account, go to Request Past Points and request the recovery of your missing miles.

When you are a member of this rewards program, you benefit from many additional features and personal services that allow you to accumulate reward miles so that you can later convert them into free flights or use them to obtain a large part of your tickets, and many privileges that aim to make your trip easy and comfortable such as: Carrying extra items with you during the flight and having priority in the waiting file.

Southwest Airlines simplifies and accepts the request for missing miles, allowing you to request miles for flights taken within the last 365 days. Just be sure to keep a copy of all boarding passes and receipts so you can claim miles when they don’t post.

If, however, you were unable to provide this number at the start or if it was not taken into account, you can now request the retroactive credit of your loyalty program points/miles by completing the form below (Sign into your account).

If Rapid Rewards miles are not being credited

It happens quite often. To avoid problems and disappointment, always keep your original boarding pass and a copy of your itinerary receipt. Store receipts, hotel bills and car rentals should also be kept until you are sure the miles are being credited. In general, the miles are credited to the account within ten days. At this point, there is no need to worry. After this time, follow the link and complete the form. You can do this within twelve months from the date of the transaction.

How do you claim missing Rapid Rewards miles?

You should know that this operation cannot be carried out if your flights have not taken place in the last twelve months.

The person claiming the miles must be the one who took the flight, not another passenger.

Ask Southwest to credit the missing miles

The details of passengers registered during the creation of the Rapids Rewards account must fully correspond to those registered during the reservation of the flight concerned.

Miles are automatically credited to your account no later than five weeks after the departure date and provided that the corresponding reservation has been made with Southwest Airlines or its partners, whether in cash or with credit cards. of Southwest.

In the event that the miles do not appear, complete the contact form, attaching the relevant supporting documents, such as the booking confirmation.

Miles are registered only in the member’s account. The member’s data must correspond to those indicated during the reservation.

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