Southwest offers an online excess baggage purchase service

For any passenger deciding to travel by plane with Southwest and he wonders how to avoid unpleasant surprises when checking in the baggage, in fact, the additional baggage costs incur costs that you would probably do without. However, if you are going with your family, it is a real headache, … Fortunately, the American airline offers its customers an online purchase service for additional baggage, the price of which is widely accessible.

Are you planning to fly to a new destination soon with Southwest Airlines? The American airline offers an option to purchase additional baggage at a low price for its customers. By paying a supplement online, it is thus possible to board with a large bag in the cabin in addition to your usual small luggage, or to carry additional items in the hold. The option can be added when booking your flight via the mobile application, and on the website, regardless of the seat price.

If you need to carry more baggage on a Southwest Airlines flight, you can do so by purchasing excess baggage online or at the airport. You can include it when purchasing your ticket online, later through the Manage my Booking section of the Southwest website, and doing so saves you up to 50% off the overage fare luggage at the airport. This last option is the most expensive and the one you should always try to avoid.

Any baggage (including free checked baggage) that exceeds the permitted size or weight will be subject to additional charges.

Buy extra kilos: Here are the fares offered by Southwest Airlines

The prices for carrying an extra suitcase if you are flying with Southwest Airlines vary depending on where you are flying to. In the following table, you can check the fees for domestic and international flights operated by the American company.

Baggage category

Fee Max Weight

Max Size (L+W+H)

LugLess carry-on

$14-$39 25lbs Calculate
First checked bag $0 50lbs


Second checked bag

$0 50lbs 62″
Third(+) checked bag $75 50lbs


Checked bag

$20-$45 50lbs Calculate
Overweight surcharge +$75 51-99lb


Oversized surcharge

+$75 50lbs 63″-80″
Oversized bag $28-$55 75lbs



Purchase additional baggage in advance

It is easier to travel light if you go for a few days in the sun than in the mountains. If you know you need checked baggage, think about it when booking your plane ticket.

When you go through a low cost company like Southwest, the suitcase in the hold is most often paid for. The starting price may seem attractive, but there is also this surcharge to consider. Do not hesitate to compare the total price with that of a company where you can have checked baggage for free. You can have surprises, and this, if you plan to bring two suitcases for example.

Remember to register for the Rapid Rewards loyalty program offered by the company, you can obtain advantages and in particular a free hold suitcase.

Finally, if you have to put a suitcase in the hold, plan for it when you buy the ticket, the service will be offered to you at a lower price than if you do it at the airline counter.

Make a list of the essentials you need to pack. A list for each member of the household taking into account the needs of each is a good idea. So you don’t forget anything and you don’t bother with things that end up increasing the weight of the suitcase.

Take a light bag or suitcase, it allows you to save a few pounds when checking in. If the container is heavy at first, you have less space for your belongings.

Find out about your destination

Not all countries require the same equipment and this varies according to your departure dates. You must find out about the weather on the date of your stay to take as little as possible. Take only the essentials. If you really need something, you can buy it on the spot.

Contact Southwest Customer Service and request the information you need

As soon as you have booked your ticket and even before if possible, find out about the airline’s baggage policy. The size, weight and number of bags allowed, in the hold or in the cabin, are criteria that vary according to the airlines.

Weigh your bags before going to the airport

No need to wait until you are at the airport to discover that your suitcase is much too heavy, weigh it at home. This then allows you to remove some items that are not essential. Do the same on the way back if possible, you can then distribute your belongings before leaving.

Put on the heaviest clothes

If you know that the temperatures you will encounter during your trip are very low, put on your coat. It will serve as a blanket during the trip and will not weigh in your suitcase. It’s the same with shoes, if you’re planning on hiking, wear the right shoes to go.

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