Sports Equipment in Baggage: The Southwest Rules

On Southwest low-cost airline aircraft, it is permitted to carry certain types of non-standard baggage at an additional charge according to the carrier’s current tariff. A passenger planning to take large items on board should familiarize themselves with the rules of carriage in advance, reserve a place for luggage and make payment.

The passenger must check in this baggage a few hours before the departure of the flight. To avoid damage and breakage of sports equipment during the flight, airline employees warn about the need for proper packaging.

Although it is a low cost airline, Southwest Airlines offers its passengers the opportunity to transport sports equipment on the plane provided that it meets its requirements in terms of weight and dimensions: 50 pounds and 62 inches.

Passengers of this airline can carry their sports equipment for free by replacing one piece of checked baggage.

The main thing is to inform customer service of what exactly you are going to transport and in what quantity, at the latest 48 hours before departure: the capacity of the holds is limited. It is also important to respect the standards.

For the carriage of additional sporting goods, passengers must pay an additional baggage charge online, or at the airport.

The American airline accepts a set of equipment for certain sports free of charge in addition to the baggage allowance for the corresponding class. Thus, it is allowed to carry golf equipment and a set of ski equipment, …

Members of Rapid Rewards loyalty programs can count on benefits when transporting sports equipment. When traveling with particularly heavy sports equipment, such as a bicycle or windsurfing board, it can sometimes be cheaper to upgrade to a higher class ticket.

Flying with Ski Equipment

For air transport, ski equipment must be packed in labeled and recognizable boxes. In addition, each crate must contain only one pair of skis and poles or one snowboard with bindings. You must pack them in a separate bag.

The low cost air carrier allows you to put shoes and a helmet in the same bag in addition to skis, poles or a snowboard.

Traveling with a bike by plane

You will need to pack your bike in a special box. Southwest requires the handlebars of the bike to be turned and locked along the frame, the pedals removed, and the tires deflated.

Carry diving equipment on board

A scuba kit counts as one piece of baggage, including everything from a wetsuit to snorkeling gear. The oxygen cylinder must be empty, the valve must be opened or removed. It is best to bring the regulator and the console to the salon in a special bag with sealed edges. Dive lamps must also be carried in hand luggage.

Southwest allows you to fly with your surf gear

Accepted for carriage in special cases. The nose and tail of the surf should be wrapped in bubble wrap and covered with cardboard around the edges. It is best to remove the fins. Roll up the surf sail, disassemble the mast and store it in a sail bag, and put the boom in the bag with the board.

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