Hawaiian Airlines: Free access to Wi-Fi on board its flights

Hawaiian Airlines is revolutionizing the travel experience by becoming the first U.S. airline to offer free Wi-Fi onboard its international commercial flights, through an innovative partnership with SpaceX’s Starlink. This exceptional service is the result of an agreement signed with the company’s satellite Internet service provider SpaceX in April 2022.

According to Chad Gibbs, vice president of Starlink commercial operations at SpaceX, cited by CNBC, travelers using Hawaiian Airlines, whether for domestic or international flights within the United States, will benefit from constant and high-quality Internet access. quality. This initiative places the Hawaiian airline at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry, meeting passengers’ growing demand for uninterrupted connectivity while they travel.

As part of this commitment to an enhanced customer experience, Hawaiian plans to equip eighteen of its A321 aircraft and twenty-four of its A330 aircraft with Starlink technology during this year. This significant expansion will ensure that more passengers take advantage of this free service, marking a turning point in the way in-flight services are perceived and offered.

The deployment of free Wi-Fi via Starlink on Hawaiian Airlines flights represents an important step toward global connectivity for air travelers. By choosing to partner with SpaceX, Hawaiian Airlines demonstrates its commitment to providing not only increased comfort and convenience, but also embracing the latest technologies to enhance its passengers’ flight experience.

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