Hawaiian Airlines: Special cargo flights to transport endangered birds to Mexico

Hawaiian Airlines is helping to save endangered birds and their eggs. Albatrosses are protected by law, but they need help protecting their eggs. The airline is flying these birds to San Diego Airport on their flight path, and then taking them to Isla Guadalup.

Hawaiian Airlines is doing its part by flying chicks and eggs of endangered species to safer territory. Black-footed albatrosses are large seabirds found mainly in Papahānaumaokea, a protected marine reserve of 1,500,000 square kilometers. These seabirds are facing threats of rising seas due to global warming.

A special cargo transport mission

The eggs and chicks are extremely sensitive, so the team needed to handle everything around them and minimize any human contact. The team made sure the babies arrived safely by using an x-ray machine. The chicks survived the trip and are now cared for on their new island home by their parents.

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