Traveling in Basic-Economy class of Delta Air Lines: Benefit from excellent price-performance ratio

This fare is designed for price-conscious customers who don’t mind sacrificing flexibility and still want a high-quality experience onboard Delta. The first and second baggage will incur an additional charge for all tickets issued after July 30. This means that from the date indicated, passengers must pay a fee of $ 60 for the first checked baggage and $ 100 for the second. Main cabin passengers will not pay a charge for the first or second baggage.

This new fare will not allow cancellations, updates or refunds for passengers. They will also be, the two companies announced, boarded last among all other higher-fare passengers. Delta Airlines embarks passengers of this new class at very low cost, after eight other categories of passengers are seated, on ten routes from the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte airports, with flights to Tampa, New Orleans, Baltimore and Fort Lauderdale.

The advantage of getting on early is that there is usually plenty of room in the luggage compartments above the seats, with the latest arrivals usually struggling to fit everything in. But that won’t matter to Delta passengers as they will only be allowed to carry a bag small enough to fit under the seat. However, they will be charged extra if they need to be housed in the upper compartment.

This product, which Delta currently operates on flights to and from Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel, is now available on more than 50% of the airline’s flights.

Basic Economy in Mexico operates in a very similar fashion to its domestic counterpart in the US Union, without neglecting Delta Air Lines’ quality standards with respect to its booking, documentation and cabin service. (Delta presents the most innovative documentation tool).

As part of the Basic Economy fare restrictions, there is the allocation of seats, which can be done until the end of registration or at the boarding gate; passengers traveling together or as a family cannot be seated together; and travelers who purchase this product cannot make changes or receive a refund.

Likewise, they must approach to the last zone; They are not eligible to upgrade even if they belong to SkyMiles Medallion; and this product cannot be combined with others.

The Basic Economy fare has been well accepted since its launch for several years, which is why it has been extended to other regions where the company operates, since on board, it maintains the same levels of care such as the comfort of its seats. , offers entertainment, refreshments and free mobile messaging, among other added values ​​of the airline.

How to choose a seat with a Delta Basic Economy fare?

Of the many things that make restrictive entry-level fares a disappointment, the inability to choose a seat is the worst. This often leaves you stuck in a central seat among strangers, far from your traveling companion.

But if you are traveling in Delta, there are several ways to choose a seat, you will need to pay with one method. And with a little vigilance and luck, there is another way to get a better seat for free.

And while these come with major restrictions, you can’t change your flight or get free Delta Medallion status updates, Delta’s Basic Economy version is more generous than most of its competition. The airline has always allowed carry-on baggage, while others like United Airlines still do not.

While there is no doubt that Delta’s core economy still has restrictions, it is more generous than the offerings of other airlines.

– Baggage

Get one hand baggage and one personal item free of charge; pay $ 30 each way for one piece of checked baggage (or 660 each way to Europe).

– Seat selection

Seats are usually assigned automatically at check-in or at the gate boarding pass, but read on to see how you can choose your seat!

– Shipping

Tables are the last in Delta’s shipping order.

– Earn miles

Yes, you will earn SkyMiles based on the cash price of your fare, unless you have booked a basic award ticket in economy class with SkyMiles.

Achieving Delta Medallion Status: Yes, Basic Economy Class flights earn Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM), Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQS), and Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQD).

– Upgrades

Not eligible for free upgrades. Even if you have Delta Medallion status, you will not be eligible for upgrades. Ticket changes and cancellations: not allowed except within 24 hours of booking.

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