Delta Airlines Gift Card: Give your loved ones an exceptional gift

Surprise your friends, customers and employees when you buy wholesale gift cards. No expiration. Choose to ship an electronic gift card and then prepare to receive a meaningful thank you. All gift cards were delivered using a personalized message with instructions for salvation. They can be used to fly on, at the airport or even through reservations. They can now be used for Delta Vacations packages over the phone using Delta Vacations. Gift cards may not be used within seventy-two (72) hours from the date of purchase. Redeemable for any Delta Air Lines flight in the world with no expiration date, this is the perfect gift for the travel enthusiast in your life. Get it sent straight to their mailbox or inbox in time to observe it what you want. When they’re all ready to step out of the world, their gift card can take them away.

Instantly send last minute gifts
Delta gift cards do not expire. They can be used in any trip on or when visiting Delta Vacations packages that include airfare. Buy your gift card online.

Choose your donation card

Whether it’s a personal shipment or a bulk purchase, the airline has gift cards to best meet your requirements. For birthdays, vacations, a retreat center, or a birthday present, the Delta Donation Card puts travel close at hand for any party.

Completely free delivery

Order mostly Delta Present Cards to participate in prospects, reward customers or inspire employees with a gift they will really like:
– Effortless purchase
– Adaptive sums
– No charges
– No expiration

Delta Gift Cards can be used to travel on flights advertised by Delta Air Lines, such as those used from Delta Connection and to DAL codeshare partners using Delta Air Lines flight amount. They can be used on, at the airport or even through reservations. They can also be used for Delta Vacations packages that include airfare when booking over the phone using Delta Vacations.

The use of the e-gift card or bodily donation card will be subject to these conditions and requirements

The Certificate Number and Redemption Code located on the Delta eGift Electronic Card or on the back of the Delta Physiological Donation Card (“Card”), as applicable, is required for salvation.

E-Gifts and cards cannot be redeemed within seventy-two (72) hours from the date of purchase.
Call Delta Air Lines Reservations and let the agent know you’re using an eGift or even a card. From the United States and Canada, call 800-221-1212 or even 800-225-2525; in Japan, call 0570-077733 or even 0476-31-8000; and other countries, call the Delta Air Lines regional reservations office. This exchange procedure may result in direct ticketing costs.

Delta Vacations phone at 800-800-1504. (Travel agents, phone 800-727-1111)
Individually at a Delta Air Lines (CTO) urban ticket office or through the Delta Air Lines (ACS) airport customer support service, call 800-221-1212 for information on balance and customer service.

Other requirements and conditions

In case of exchange on, a maximum of 3 types of payment (such as eGifts or even cards) can be applied to a transaction, regardless of the amount of tickets purchased as part of the transaction; when exchanging via another procedure, a maximum of 3 types can be applied to a ticket. Electronic gift cards can be used with different gift cards, but cannot be used with another certificate, coupon or credit of a single ticket.

In case of exchange through another procedure, the highest allowed with a ticket offset is only 2 per ticket.

EGifts and cards are not reloadable and do not perish. No support or inactivity charges apply. Cards such as those that are stolen, lost, or damaged, will not be replaced by Delta for virtually any reason. They are not credit, charge or debit cards and do not include any implied warranty.

These cards are not refundable and cannot be exchanged or exchanged for cash, credit or check, except where the law provides for discretion or money.

When these cards are exchanged for a ticket, however, travel is not accepted, the value of that exchanged ticket (after all associated charges) will be provided in accordance with Delta Air Lines’ conventional policy regarding ticket prices.

These cards can only be sold with authorized Delta and Delta vendors. They are available or marketed through an authorized seller may be forfeited or canceled by Delta.

Delta is not responsible for eGifts or even cards received or not as a result of inaccurate shipping information provided by the buyer. The US company reserves the right to refuse, cancel or suspend for review transactions initiated using electronic gifts or even cards in the event of suspected fraud, incorrect identity or card denomination, or even violation of these stipulations.

Delta may at any time and without notice modify these terms and conditions or this arrangement with any other party to manage the Gift application or the Map application.

The use of eGifts and cards will be subject to law. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and related legislation, applicable law shall prevail.

The laws of that country of Georgia, without regard to its conflict of law provisions, apply to these terms and to the use of almost all eGifts.

Delta and its associates make no warranties, express or implied, regarding e-gifts and cards, such as any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a specific function.

EGifts are issued by Delta Donation Cards, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Inc., authorized to issue this gift cards available by Delta as well as Delta licensed sellers to apply to the total cost of air travel on flights sold by the US carrier.

Gift card payment rates

Online: When you present the gift card numbers on the payment screen during checkout or charge the gift card amount to your account and the transaction is executed, you will pay 0% commission.

At the store: when you show the eGift card on your digital device for redemption at checkout. You can also print it on a home printer and take it to the store. When the trade is executed, you will pay 0% commissions.

Gift Card Granny Tip: Some gift cards can only be used online. Call the retailer’s customer service to confirm details.

Buy a $ 500 Delta Gift Card, and receive a $ 50 gift card from a retired DC-9

The offer includes a $ 50 gift card with the purchase of a $ 500 gift card. The strategy here is to market this as an opportunity to give Delta Travel $ 500 for the vacation, and without the recipient knowing, you’ll get something for yourself as well.

However, there’s no reason you can’t buy $ 550 gift cards for $ 500.

The $ 50 gift card is interesting. It is not an electronic gift card. Instead, it’s a limited-edition $ 50 Delta gift card made from a retired DC-9 aircraft. “(I underline). There are only 500 available in total.

The $ 50 gift cards are made from die-cut aluminum at various locations on the fuselage and rear of the DC-9. As a result, each card is unique in color, texture and thickness and may look slightly different from the card shown in photos. The front of the card you receive can be white, blue, or metallic, and the back can be metallic or coated with the original zinc chromate green anti-corrosion primer.

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