Modify your reservation before the flight: The pricing conditions and rules applied by Delta Air Lines

Give your trip more options and flexibility with Delta Airlines’ optional Rebook service. This service, accessible online via My Trip, allows the passenger to change the date, duration, hotel, room type, flight direction and/or even the season. You can use the service no later than 24 hours before the departure of the trip.

Changing or canceling your trip has been a nuisance, sometimes with costs more expensive than the plane ticket. Along with the pandemic vibe in the travel industry, carriers like Delta Air Lines have made it even easier to modify and cancel your trip. Delta waives all cancellation and change fees for flights booked before March 30, 2021. Better yet, change fees are forever eliminated for domestic and international tickets (excluding the core market).

If your travel plans have changed, this comprehensive guide will help you file or change your Delta flight as well as the potential fees you can expect to see.

Delta cancellation and modification fees

Delta Air Lines has made numerous adjustments to its own change and cancellation coverage, taking into account its pandemic. In general, these policies have sprung up, leaving movable spaces depending on the type of ticket you have purchased.

Delta modification fee Delta Cancellation Fee
Cancellation or change within 24 hours after booking the flight No change fees – includes basic savings No cancellation fees – includes basic savings. Receive a full refund back to your original payment method.
Tickets purchased after March 30, 2021 for travel to the United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and for all international travel from North America No change fees – excludes basic economy Cancellation fees apply: $ 200 to $ 500
Basic Economy Class tickets and non-North American flights purchased after March 30 of each year Modification fees apply:

• After a risk-free cancellation period of 24 hours: $ 200 to $ 500

· • Within 24 hours of flight departure: from $ 75 depending on availability

Cancellation fees apply

· • $ 200 to $ 500

Refundable / flexible tickets purchased after March 30 No change fees No cancellation fees


You also have the option to cancel or change award tickets for travel to the United States at any time prior to departure. Visit My Trips to change your flights at any time before your travel date.

Rules and change fees

Delta Air Lines costs a commission for all route changes or voluntary cancellations for many initial deliveries. The travel agency must inform its customers / travelers who have tickets of all additional charges, limitations and charges associated with these changes.

Please see these respective GDS pricing principles for full change and cancellation price limitations, or for certain exceptions. Please note: Ticket prices refundable for travel fares will be used even if GDS has not published an increase or change message from the ticket acceptance box. Involuntary Itinerary Change (Work Irregularity) – Schedule Change 72 Hours Prior to Scheduled Travel Date As soon as an operational irregularity occurs, travel agents can use Delta’s Operational Alert Coverage to assist mutual customers. To learn more, travel agents can contact the International Revenue Service or Delta Reservations for assistance. Involuntary rerouting (schedule change) – schedule change more than 72 hours prior to scheduled travel date Delta Air Lines is doing everything possible to produce new structures and accommodate joint customers on additional flights. If necessary, travel agents can use Delta’s program change policy to assist to mutual customers.

To learn more, travel agents can contact the International Revenue Service or Delta for assistance. US airline agents may use Delta’s program change policy to provide assistance to passengers.

Travel agents can use Delta’s program change policy to help mutual customers. To learn more, travel agents can contact the International Revenue Service or Delta for assistance.

Delta Air Lines costs a commission for all itinerary modifications or voluntary cancellations on many up-to-date fares. The travel agency must notify its clients / travelers who have tickets all Additional charges, limitations and fees related to these modifications.

Please consult with this respective GDS fare principles for complete limitations on change and cancellation prices, or for some exceptions. Be aware: Refundable ticket prices for trip fares will apply if GDS didn’t publish a resale or change message from your ticket acceptance box. As soon as an operational irregularity happens, travel agents can employ Delta’s operational warnings coverage to help mutual clients.

Involuntary itinerary shift (schedule change) – program shift over 72 hours prior to the planned travel date If essential, travel agents may employ Delta’s program shift policy to help mutual clients. To learn more, travel agents can contact International Revenue Service or Delta Reservations for aid.

You can make the following changes directly to your My Reservation account: Change your travel dates Change your flight schedules Edit passenger information these changes can be made up to 2 hours before your departure. You will immediately see the cost of these changes. You will also receive a new booking confirmation. Do you want to depart from a new airport or travel to a new destination? These changes can only be made by contacting the customer service team up to 24 hours before your departure. Are you traveling with special baggage, with a pet, or have you requested medical services? You can then only change through the Delta Customer Service Center.

Please note, if you are already registered, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your reservation. Why can’t you change your flight? You cannot change your flight if you have already checked in. If you have not booked directly with Delta Air Lines, contact your travel agent to be able to change your booking.

In case you’ve got a booking for an upcoming trip and don’t want to journey, you can ask for that the postponement of your comprised trip with no change charges. You’re able to make this switch as many as two hours ahead of your trip. But a cost difference could apply whether the purchase price of the brand new flight is greater.

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