Get a refund for your plane ticket from Delta

Find out about the possibilities of modification, cancellation and modification, complaint on a Delta (DL) plane ticket. Check the Delta website for the latest information on the airline’s cancellation or change policies including refund policy.

Delta passengers whose flight has been canceled benefit from a full refund of their Delta ticket: the refund procedure is indicated in the email received from the Delta company following the cancellation. Normally airlines like Delta cannot enforce a voucher refund if the flight has been cancelled.

In general, airlines like Delta do this automatically to respond to complaints as quickly as possible in this exceptional situation. When the crisis is over and the Delta call centers and travel agencies are less overwhelmed, do not hesitate to claim reimbursement from the Delta airline.

How to cancel a non-refundable ticket?
– Locate your trip or login,
– Choose the excursion you want to cancel,
– Select the “Cancel the flight” button then follow the measures.

Generally, plane tickets canceled within 24 hours of their reservation are refundable, and the passenger will not pay any fees.

Cancellation fees applied by Delta Air Lines

Cancellation fees start at $ 200 depending on your trip (subject to change, significant fees are recorded in the fare rules for your own ticket), and you will get the residual portion of your ticket in an eCredit (eCredit page ). The expiration date of your eCredit will depend on the terms of your original ticket and any related waivers.

In practice, if you received an email from Delta, you must follow the refund procedure. If it only offers you a credit note, contact its complaints department. If you did not receive an email after your Delta flight was cancelled, contact Delta Customer Service to request a refund.

Have you requested a refund? How can you check the status of your refund request or request the refunded amount?

You can review the refund online, or if you have questions about the amount refunded, you can call 800-847-0578 in the US and Canada, or 404-715-5417 in Atlanta, GA or beyond the United States.

How can you request a refund by phone or email?

To request a refund for a non-refundable or unrestricted eTicket purchased with a credit card, call Delta Reservation Sales at 800-847-0578 in the US or even Canada. For other states, visit Global Reserve Numbers to find a number in your city.

You can also send your request to Delta Air Lines Customer Service via the following mailing address: Passenger Refunds Via Courier, 4th Floor 700 South Central Avenue Hapeville, GA 30354.

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