Select a seat on a Delta Air Lines plane: The cost of allocating seats in economy class

Seat assignments can be purchased in advance for a fee or will be delegated free of charge at the airport after check-in or at the gate. Currently, chair assignments can be purchased through Classé, Airport Customer Service,, with the FlyDelta program.

The chair selection fee is per chair, each flight segment and may be subject to accessibility. At this time, the siege mission purchase is only available for fully domestic flights. The attributes of the aircraft and the chair differ depending on the type of flight / destination / aircraft. Please note that all fees paid to secure a siege assignment are non-refundable and non-transferable, and are therefore limited to “selection chairs” - preferred chairs cannot be purchased.

With the Basic Economy fare, you are not guaranteed a seat with travel companies, including relatives or groups. Refunds will be issued for certain reassigned clients in the event that the client is not transferred to a similar or better chair without an MQD being granted.

You will not be able to modify or refund the ticket after the intermediate risk-free interval. Passengers are not entitled to access or paid or free updates to seats or premium basic economy items, such as Delta Comfort + or Preferred Chairs; without any paid access to priority boarding.

Mileage accruals applicable for purchases of Fundamental Economy chair assignments when purchased through a Delta station such as, airport seats (with a digital registration number starting with Miles and MQDs Cannot be granted when the SkyMiles Amount (s) are not contained Miles and MQD can simply be obtained with the member trip whose title and SkyMiles amount are contained in the reservation.

Online seating plan

Even though the selected chairs were accessible when you started the engagement process, it is possible that a chair was delegated to another customer before the transaction was completed.

If the chairs are inaccessible on the exposed seating map, you can pick up a siege mission during checkout.
Delta meets the seating requirements of customers with specific types of disabilities. This could lead to the occasional need to change another person's pre-assigned chair, with bulkhead seats particularly prone to reassignment. The American company appreciates your collaboration under these specific conditions.

To be more welcome, even before arriving at your destination. Feeling good, even if you are busy taking care of anything else. You deserve to look refreshed, even after a brief flight, to savour your own time, even if you are taking a very long trip. For everything you've earned and more, Delta is happy to bring you an assortment of branded products and dating that is unlike anything else in heaven.

Luxurious seats with optimal comfort

Discover over the chalets, locate complete luxury adventures. Start by speeding up security, boarding and baggage handling at Sky Reception, then stretch out in a wide chair and enjoy a chef-inspired meal.

Discover Delta-branded amenities and services with each master cabin offering. Then find out how Delta delivers more Minute of your trip on a Delta Superior or Main Cabin adventure. Find exclusive features with every chair, like the free Delta Studio fun. Plus, enjoy chef-prepared food and complimentary beer, spirits, and wine to suit your experience.

Advance chair presets can be verified upon ticket issuance approximately 331 days prior to travel on Delta and Delta Connection flights.

Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer a wide selection of exclusive products and experiences. It provides more chair options to meet the changing demands of passengers. Here's some useful information that clarifies the unique encounter aboard Delta flights, such as a chair and cabin contrast chart providing advice on different cabin and seating choices.

Reserve strategic chairs aboard Delta aircraft

A bulkhead chair is an airplane chair facing a wall or bulkhead. When a passenger with an undisclosed disability requests a chair facing the bulkhead, Delta will assign them a chair facing the bulkhead in the ticket cabin. Note: A passenger who has been assigned a bulkhead seat may be required to change chairs when the following disabled passengers request the chair:

- A passenger requiring a chair next to the aisle
Further details on the conditions for awarding Chairs for people with disabilities are available here.

Selection of preferential seats
Delta allows its drivers to obtain preferred seat assignments in advance. Look at Preferred Seating in the Rules Library to learn more. BACK TO TOP Seating Found at Emergency Exits Travel agents can assess which emergency exit seats are offered through their various GDSs, using their GDS's proper craft to observe the seating plan. Likewise, emergency exit seats can be requested and delegated from the chair plan in the event that the rider meets the prerequisites, their qualified regular flyer number is contained in their own reservation, and the chair can to be found. Note: Almost all Delta seats in the main cabin emergency leaves fall under the Preferred Seat Class. Flights promoted by DL and operated by other airlines may have different regulations regarding the allocation of chairs to the emergency exit row and may not be accessible on request through GDS. Passenger eligibility criteria In accordance with national regulations, Delta's processes require that passengers occupying chairs at predetermined emergency exits be able to assist crew members in the event of a crisis. The passenger cannot occupy a seat located near his emergency exits if he is likely not to have the capacity to carry out specific emergency procedures because he: lacks the freedom, strength or dexterity of both hands and arms and legs to reach the emergency start, operate the door opening mechanism, then leave immediately. Lacks the ability to understand team directions. Cannot have enough hearing or vision to perform the operations indicated on the crisis / safety sheet. Is unable to share information orally with different passengers. Suffers in a condition or has a duty, such as caring for a small child, that could prevent them from performing the functions delegated to passengers in the emergency exit seats. Suffers from a condition which could result in damage if he or she performs at least one of the functions delegated to passengers in the seats located in the emergency exits. Requires the use of a seat belt extender (this limitation is intended to stop the likelihood of entanglement due to excessive length of this extender for passengers attempting to exit the aircraft in a crisis). Work with a wheelchair or other device. Travel with the emotional support animal, animal or support animal.

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