Million Miler Delta Air Lines Status (Lifetime): Find out about him

Now, miles earned by Skymiles members never expire, except when traveling or purchasing products offered by Delta Air Lines or its partners.

The airline loyalty programs offer very interesting advantages to their best members but this comes at a price: each year the customer must re-qualify.

For some this is done without problem, for others it can be a source of anxiety: all it takes is a change in his professional or personal life, a stroke of bad luck to miss the coveted status and lose the benefits it were used to.

Delta Air Lines customers subscribed to the Skymiles program cannot obtain Lifetime Elite status, but rather “Annual Free Medallion” status, and this by reaching a certain number of miles in their account.

Many customers see this as a lack of recognition: an addicting game where, like the hamster in its wheel, they have to run endlessly without ever seeing the finish line.

Fortunately, Delta Air Lines’ Skymiles loyalty program also awards “lifetime” status. Once certain conditions have been reached, often a certain number of years, consecutive or not, where one has had the status in question, one can then benefit from it until the end of his life without having to re-qualify, regardless of whether it then become less loyal or that it frequent less the lines of the airline company or the partner hotels, …

SkyMiles is Delta’s loyalty program. The platform offers four elite levels namely: Silver Medallion, Gold Medallion, Platinum Medallion and Diamond Medallion. For more frequent passengers, it is possible to earn Lifetime Status from Silver Medallion to Platinum Medallion. See the number of miles required:

  • Million Miler Silver Medallion / SkyTeam Elite: 1 million miles
  • Million Miler Gold Medallion / SkyTeam Elite Plus: 2 million miles
  • Million Miler Platinum Medallion / SkyTeam Elite Plus: 4 million miles

How are qualifying miles counted toward SkyMiles lifetime status?

Program members receive 1 million Miler miles for each qualifying mile accumulated. My qualifiers, called Medallion Qualification Miles or simply MQM, are calculated based on the distance traveled and the fare class of the ticket.

Knowing that 25,000, 50,000 and 75,000 miles are required respectively to reach these statuses, it will therefore take for a customer who qualifies “at the floor” every year: 40 years for Silver and Gold status and 54 years for Platinum.

In other words, to achieve Delta Lifetime Status, not only distance, but class of service and fare class are taken into account. The participant who purchases an expensive ticket for a short trip will be closer to Million Miler status than the participant who takes a long trip at a promotional rate.

Another interesting point is that SkyMiles also considers the accumulation of points in partner companies for the Million Miler balance. When you fly with SkyTeam companies such as Aeromexico, Air France and KLM, MQMs will automatically be counted towards reaching lifetime status.

With the exception of offers addressed to the co-branded program cards issued in the United States, points accumulated with credit cards and financial partners are not counted towards life status.

To view your Million Miler mileage, simply navigate to your SkyMiles account summary on the website or app.

Even with lifetime status, the participant can continue to accumulate qualifying points to achieve diamond status in the program as long as he / she meets the requirements of the category.

Delta passengers also receive exclusive giveaways when they reach every million miles. In recent years, the program has offered gift options from the well-known brands Samsonite, Tiffany’s and Tumi, at the participant’s choice.

Delta 360 °: Do you know this program and what advantages does it give to members?

First of all, you should know that for this there is no published status thresholds, you have to wait for an invitation from Delta. Current thresholds are estimated to be around US $ 55,000 per year and 180 – 240 segments with Delta.

The benefits are also not published, but include among other things:

A private car transfer for narrow transfers

Exclusive phone support

A bottle of champagne as a gift by mail

Highest priority for upgrades

However, it’s only for the true frequent flyer of Delta, and like most other exclusive status programs, it’s certainly anything but easy to reach.

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