Skybonus: Find out how many points you need to reach Elite status

Delta Air Lines continues to offer benefits and privileges to members of its SkyBonus program and for this; it has announced the addition of a new category of privileges

First of all, it should be remembered that to be eligible for SkyBonus Elite status and to keep it, you will need to have two million points in the company’s account for twelve months of a calendar year.

By achieving this status, companies have access to the following privileges:

– 10% additional points for each trip with Delta or its partners

– Save time and money by benefiting from priority access for account management

– Receive a quarterly report revealing detailed information on travel budgets and member benefits.

The Elite category is its way of rewarding its most loyal customers and providing them with the service and options they deserve, to check if you are eligible, log into your account.

For Delta Air Lines, Elite status allows the loyalty of its professional customers to be authentically rewarded by granting them special advantages, reserved only for them.

It should be remembered that only companies setting up in the United States are entitled to the benefits of Elite status.

No company will be able to take advantage of its benefits until it has 2,000,000 miles at the end of each calendar year (twelve months from the date of enrollment).

Delta Air Lines reminds its business customers that points accumulated to achieve and maintain Elite status should not be earned through:

– Bonus points earned when registering for the rewards program.

– Points earned by booking airline tickets offered with promotion or reduction.

Calculation of bonus points

Miles points earned and accumulated by members by reserving promotional offers cannot be used to achieve Elite status in order to preserve it.

Delta allows its customers (companies) to win 10% additional points for each flight made on board its planes.

Delta Air Lines, SkyBonus is aimed at companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico and can now take advantage of the transatlantic joint venture agreement signed between the companies of the SkyTeam alliance. It will allow them to transform their travel budget into loyalty rewards, thus obtaining SkyBonus points for each dollar spent on Air France, Alitalia, KLM or Delta Air Lines. The advantages can be, for example, trips or upgrades on each of the companies, membership cards and passes to access the various airport lounges, etc.

The fact that companies earn SkyBonus points will not prevent every traveler from continuing to accumulate miles on Air France’s Flying Blue loyalty programs – KLM, Alitalia’s MilleMiglia or Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles, and from transferring them. from one to another or to employees or friends.

The extension of SkyBonus to the three European companies is accompanied throughout the month of March by the doubling of the points acquired for each transatlantic trip. SkyBonus is now in effect in 45 countries.

The transatlantic joint venture signed between the four airlines allows them to offer around 250 flights per day between Europe and the Americas, or a quarter of total traffic. It allows their travelers to access 300 destinations from the twenty-six exit gates of North America and 200 other destinations from the thirty-three exit gates in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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