Lost, damaged or delayed baggage: file a claim online and ask Delta Air Lines to compensate you

If you have a problem with delayed, damaged or lost baggage, Delta Airlines staff will love to help you resolve it. Whether you are expecting delayed baggage or want to file a claim, make sure you have your document reference number handy so the company can better assist you.

Note: Your document number is the 8-10 digit alphanumeric code, which you will find on the front portion of the data record provided to you by a Delta representative with whom you reported that your baggage was delayed or damaged .

Alert: Due to the current inclement weather across the country, the claims processing period may be longer than normal. The company thanks you for your patience, so you can expect to receive a response regarding your baggage claim within 2-4 weeks.

Submit a complaint

The American company apologizes for the rest of your luggage. To submit a claim for delayed, lost or damaged baggage, click here (https://www.delta.com/bags/claimLanding.action) and complete the form. Please note the case reference number you obtained from your baggage service center at the airport, as well as any supporting documents to process your claim.

If your baggage is delayed, inform one of the agents. There you will find a document reference number, which you will need to make claims or ask questions on your own articles. You may be entitled to a baggage fee discount in the event that your second or first paid checked baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours after being reported to a baggage service agent / office.

For all customers who have paid for baggage, you may then be entitled to a discount in the form of a digital travel voucher (ETCV) for your applicable amount paid online or at the airport for the purchase of baggage. ‘an additional charge, and you do not receive your bag within the first 12 hours. ETCVs are issued a little later – for example, if you have paid to test a lot of bags and only one bag is delayed, then you can anticipate an ETCV for your very first bag. If two pieces of baggage are carried over, you can anticipate an ETCV for your initial and second baggage costs, etc.

Discounts will be sent to you by email only and you must apply using the online application form. The rebate is in the form of a digital travel voucher that can be used towards a possible dinner on Delta Air Lines. Simply complete the delayed baggage discount form to request your discount.

If you have dropped an unchecked item on a Delta flight, in the terminal building, or in a Delta Sky Club lounge, airline staff will do their best to get it back to you as quickly as possible. Please report your missing unverified item by filling in the type of missing item. For any items left in the TSA security checkpoint, please call the TSA at 866-289-9673 or see tsa.gov.

If you are missing any item from the checked baggage, please see the “Report Missing Items” segment. If you did not get a reference number, please contact the airline through this form and select “damaged or eprdu baggage” in menu choices.

Report missing items

– In checked baggage

If you discover that any items or items are missing from your baggage, please consult the lost property department immediately. Contact a Delta agent at 800-325-8224 or 404-209-3043 in case the toll-free amount is not available in your city. Items missing from checked baggage must be reported within 24 hours for domestic travel and seven times for international travel. Once an agent provides you with a reference number, please complete and submit a claim form (choose “damages / missing land claim”) within 30 days of your trip. Otherwise, call this number 404-209-3043 and submit your complaint over the phone.

If the reference number has not been given for you personally, please contact the air operator with a comment form.

If you suspect that your baggage has been damaged during a trip, bring it to the Delta Air Lines baggage desk upon arrival. All damage must be assessed in person with a Delta agent at the baggage service desk. An agent will guide you to sort the objects if necessary. You must report your claim no later than 24 hours for travel to the United States and within seven days for international travel.

Assess the condition of the bag

Delta assumes no responsibility for any pre-existing damage such as cuts and cracked zippers as a result of over packing or wears resulting in regular handling of the bags.

When the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) generates a random aspect of your luggage, you will discover a written notification in your bag or even a seal on your bag, letting you know. If you think they messed up your luggage during a random review, you can contact them at 866-289-9673.

As soon as you have completed a damaged baggage report and your situation has been resolved, an airline agent sends the bags for repair to the counter specializing in damaged baggage repair. To confirm the condition of your baggage, please see this page.

If a piece of baggage has been delayed and you have to make purchases because you were unable to collect it, you are entitled to a fair cost refund due to the late delivery of your part.

Reasonable expenses are generally set at $ 50 per day1 for the first five days the bag is carried over.

Your refunds will be subtracted from the last settlement of the claim if the baggage is not located. You must have submitted the baggage claim form to be reimbursed for costs.

Receipts must be submitted for several reimbursements of expenses incurred due to the delay in delivering your baggage. The moderate cost guidelines are not daily restrictions or a cap, so additional expenses may be incurred and will be addressed on an individual basis.

How to submit a complaint?

In the event that your baggage is not returned to you within the specified time, you must submit a baggage claim form.

As soon as you have entered your name, your document reference number, choose the “Expenses” choice on the form which is simply used to reimburse the incidental costs incurred. Please include your receipts at the time of registration for compensation.

Baggage value declaration

The reimbursement amount for lost, delayed or damaged baggage varies mainly depending on your flight. Here are the facts:



Domestic Liability Limit

$3,500 per ticketed passenger
International Liability Limit (governed by the Warsaw Convention)

$9.07 per lb. up to $640 per bag (U.S. Dollars)

International Liability Limit (governed by the Montreal Convention)

1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per ticketed passenger


SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) is a monetary component of the International Monetary Fund. SDRs will likely be converted to US dollars at the rate in effect on the date of mismanaged baggage settlement.

Here are all the limitations and exceptions of liability

Reimbursement for lost or damaged items is not automatic. The value of the damage or reduction must be indicated.

No absolute obligation applies to wheelchairs or assistive devices.

Delta is not responsible for improperly packaged products. The US company is not responsible for any damage, loss or delay of baggage that may result from a problem with the operation of a local, state or national agency.

All items with a declared added value could be examined by the registrar.

Delta Air Lines is not responsible for checked or unchecked baggage in excess of the limits explained above, unless you choose to maintain an additional assessment on your own property.

The merchandise is properly clarified and properly packed and in good condition. You pay appreciation fees by check.

The excess valuation fee is only appropriate when the advertised value is greater than the corresponding liability limit.



$3500 to $4000


$4000 to $5000



Delta is not responsible for money, photographic material, industrial consequences, computer applications and equipment, electronics, delicate items, jewelry, life-saving medicines, papers, irreplaceable records, works art or other similar valuables included in unchecked baggage.

Note: You must re-declare and pay the associated charges each time you assess your additional baggage.

Consult Delta’s transport contract for all the rules for reimbursing lost or damaged baggage.

Contact customer service for any inquiries

As they all work to find your luggage, Delta Air Lines airline advisors are there on the phone if you need help. Start by filling out the Submit a Claim type with your baggage service number, if you are in the United States. If you are outside of the United States, find help by calling official customer service phone numbers.

– To USA

Delta agents are readily available to resolve baggage issues anywhere. Toll free phone: 800-325-8224. Or when the free number is inaccessible, call: 404-209-3043

– Outside the United States

For baggage-related issues in countries other than the North American country, use the telephone numbers listed for that country.

Problems with delayed baggage outside of Europe

If your baggage is delayed upon arrival, speak to a customer service partner using the registered phone numbers.


Austria 43 1 360 277 34 61



32 (0)2 620 01 83 09:00-17:30
Bulgaria 359 29 358 230


Czech Republic

420 22 543 97 98 09:00-17:30
Denmark 45 82 332 721



358 98 171 04 06 10:00-18:30
France (calls within France) 09 69 39 36 54


France (calls outside France)

33 9 69 39 36 54 7:30-22:00
Germany 49 6 929 993 771


Great Britain

44 20 766 007 67 08:00-16:30
Greece 30 210 35 30 153



353 16 590 298 09:00-17:30
Italy 39 02 38 59 14 51




34 20 808 248


Netherlands (first 5 days) 31 020 6491433


Netherlands (after 5 days)

31 0800 2200008 7:30-22:00
Norway 47 22 001 701



48 225 12 39 48 09:00-17:30
Portugal 351 213 18 0062



421 25 011 21 44 09:00-17:30
Spain 34 913 75 41 46



46 85 199 22 16 09:00-17:30
Switzerland 41 84 800 08 72



90 212 465 57 57



European Baggage Customer Service Addresses By Mail



Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Delta Air Lines Europe
Baggage Claim Centre
TSA 21235
75564 Paris CEDEX 12


DL Customer Care
10000 ZAGREB

Cyprus, Greece

Delta Air Lines Europe
Baggage Claim Centre
TSA 21235
75564 Paris Cedex 12


DELTA / Service Clients
TSA 60001


Air France KLM Delta Customer Care

1426 Budapest

P. O. Box 302


Delta Customer Care
Calea Buzesti nr.85 and 2
2nd floor, sector 1 Bucarest

DELTA / Service Clients
TSA 60001


Delta Air Lines Europe
Baggage Claim Centre
TSA 21235
75564 Paris Cedex 12

Delta Customer Care
Calea Buzesti nr.85 and 2
2nd floor, sector 1 Bucarest


DL Customer Care
Igriska 5
1000 Ljubljana

Delta Customer Care
Dikilitaş Emirhan Caddesi No:109 Atakule A Blok Beşiktaş İstanbul


In Case you have an unresolved issue with your luggage in any of these European nations, please contact us during business hours at the telephone number listed.

For other baggage problems from Europe, the opening hours are as follows: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

You did not receive a convincing answer? What is going on?

Please confirm the email address you entered in the lost property report to make sure the airline has your correct email address.

Will you be keeping up to date with the status of your missing baggage?

You will receive an email from Delta’s Lost & Found Central if you register the accounts for your missing item. If agents find a product that matches the description of your missing item, they will send you an email with additional instructions to help confirm that the merchandise is yours. While you are looking for your missing item, they will update you via email during the process.

How long does it take to recover your luggage or lost items?

A full search will take place for approximately 14 weeks after officers obtain the missing items report. If they can’t locate your item, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that the search attempts were unsuccessful.

How do you know if your baggage has been found?

If an item is found that matches the description of the lost item, Lost & Found Central may contact you by phone or email to confirm that the items found belong to you and then arrange for the shipment of such merchandise.

Lost & Found Central will provide you with a URL to the delivery page. You will be given the option to confirm your shipping information and provide credit card information for shipping charges.

What happens with official documents or government issued IDs if you cannot find the operator?

Army IDs will be forwarded to the Department of the Navy, ” NAS-JRB ID Office. This section will subsequently facilitate performance to the various military branches.

Passports will be delivered to US Department of State, CA / PPT / S / / L / LE, ATTN: CLASP

If your missing item is actually important, is there someone you can call to start a broader search?

Delta Air Lines knows that every lost item is extremely valuable to every passenger. This is why its agents do a thorough search to find every object that belongs to them. Please make sure their agents do their best to locate your missing items.

What should you do to increase the chances of locating your object?

Please provide detailed and accurate descriptions of the type of lost property report. Whenever possible, collect descriptive information about the product before filling out the form and be sure to incorporate all identifiable information for ease of research. Please enter the information as it appears on the lost item or baggage.

Also, be sure to incorporate the flight date and the theft amount indicating if your baggage has been abandoned. You can also offer additional advice in the “Brief Description” area, in addition to the “Help the airline locate your object” area. Failure to add information in these two fields will restrict its ability to discover your article. In addition, the carrier asks you to register your claim within seven days of losing your baggage.

Have you already filed a lost property claim but want to update it with additional information?

It is possible to update the information in your own lost object report approximately fourteen days after submission by clicking on this Update Missing Objects hyperlink.

What if you’ve checked in multiple bags and only one is late?

If some of your baggage arrives late, you are eligible for coverage. But, there is a limit of one request per passenger for each return or departure route, regardless of the number of checked bags. This offer is valid on flights over the United States and also in Puerto Rico, promoted and managed by the carriers Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection.

Request bonus miles in the event of your baggage delay

Fill out the form at no later than three days after your flight has arrived. Applications should only be made after your trip. Please wait up to 2 months after submitting your claim for own bonus miles to appear in your accounts.

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