What can you do if you are carrying fragile baggage on a Delta Air Lines flight?

When you have to move delicate things during a trip, you must always be very careful, inform you so that you can do things right and not have a bad time unpacking. We know that those who handle baggage at the airport don’t do their jobs as carefully, so if you don’t take sufficient action, fragile items can be at risk.

At DAL, you will have the option of checking in fragile baggage that you want to transfer, and so you can take it as hand baggage or if it is larger, you will have the option of purchasing a ticket with the best available rate. and put them away. your item in any passenger seat with a divider, so you make sure it arrives safely.

Items transported as cargo or fragile goods are those which can be easily damaged if exposed to vibrations, drops, shocks or careless handling during transport, such as antiques, works of art, articles porcelain, glassware, terracotta, cast iron articles, sculptures, etc.

But you can only take these items in flight if they are properly packed, so here are some tips for you to do it right:

For bulky items which cannot be carried in your luggage, these must be properly packed in containers of solid material such as wooden crates, preferably new, and which meet the conditions of capacity, weight and weight. ‘use. The boxes must conform to the contents i.e. there are no loose objects inside as they will be in danger and they are not about to explode no more.

If the container is, for example, glass, it should be surrounded by enough absorbent material to absorb any liquid inside the container. It is also a good idea to mark or stick a sticker with the word fragile on the packaging.

For the items that you can carry inside the suitcase, you can wrap glass items or items that contain liquid with bubble wrap, the ones we use to explode each bubble and kill boredom. This is a much more effective technique than covering them with clothes, which will not give you a good result. Buy several meters, which don’t cost that much and take them on a trip in case you need to bring anything on the way home.

Transport of electronic equipment

Or the transport of electrical and electronic equipment is possible, both in low cost airlines and in regular airlines.

Note: Equipment using wireless technologies cannot be carried in aircraft cargo baggage and all items must be turned off.

The transport of equipment containing liquid batteries (liquid electrolyte charger) will not be authorized. If the battery is an integral part of the equipment, it can only be transported with the presentation of the manufacturer’s original warranty seal, indicating the presence of anti-leakage safety devices (“anti-spill” type batteries ).

Checked baggage containing electronic items is worth packing well to avoid damage in transit. All electronic equipment in carry-on baggage must be turned off during the landing and take-off of the aircraft.

Some equipment can be used during the flight. Typically, on-board service indicates which electronic equipment can be turned on, such as laptops and music players.

The carriage of computers or monitors in cargo baggage is permitted, provided they are properly stored within the weight limit of checked baggage.

The passenger has the duty to solve customs problems of the objects he is transporting.

Flower transport

The transport of flowers is not prohibited by customs or security authorities. The transport of artificial flowers can be carried out in both hand luggage and cargo luggage. Most airlines allow the transport of natural flowers, as long as they are on board the ship and as hand baggage.

In some cases, when carry-on baggage is strictly limited (mainly on low-cost airlines), the flowers must fit within the limits (volume and weight) of the authorized baggage. If the flight path allows only one piece of luggage, it will be possible to store the flowers in hand luggage, or the flowers themselves should be the only piece of baggage.

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