All entertainment services are free on board: A first in the history of air transport

Enjoy every moment of your trip. Delta Air Lines believes in every detail, which means you can enjoy fresh food, great drinks, and free strategies to stay entertained, whatever Delta chair experience you choose.

Delta Studio: Entertainment is close at hand
Enjoy over 1000 hours of free entertainment right on your seat screen like 12 satellite TV channels with top movies, premium TV shows from HBO, Hulu and Showtime, podcasts, playlists and matches.
From the most popular Hollywood movies, to your favorite TV collection, playlists and podcasts, and Delta Studio has you covered.

Delta is the first airline to provide engaged in-flight stations showcasing television and film titles that have earned the ReFrame Stamp, a mark of distinction made by Women in Film and the Sundance Institute for inclusive and balanced jobs between the sexes. Watch a range of these titles on board now.

The innovative touchscreen entertainment system puts you in control of your entertainment choices. Choose from around 300 movies, choose series from top partners like HBO, Hulu Originals and SHOWTIME, 12 live satellite TV channels in select theaters, curated playlists, the best podcasts now and a huge selection of games.

You will discover the file displays on many international long-haul flights as well as on the next aircraft: A220-100, A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A330-300, A350, 737-800 (73H), 737- 900ER, 757-200 (75D, 75S, 75H, 75G), 757-300, 767- 300, 767-300ER, 767-400ER.

Now you can stay connected with friends, family and colleagues aboard free messaging courtesy of Delta. To start messaging, connect to in-flight Wi-Fi, and then choose the “Free Messaging” pass.
Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi lets you stay connected, browse the internet, check your emails, and never forget anything on the floor. Virtually all two-cabin planes are all equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi protection for your convenience.

Delta Air Lines offers an entertainment service that helps you eliminate boredom during your trip. The American company is one of the largest onboard Wi-Fi providers on the planet, with Wi-Fi accessibility offered on almost all flights. It is powered by Gogo and is installed on almost all aircraft with at least two cabins.

Steps to connect and enjoy the service

– In device settings, put your device in airplane mode, then toggle your own Wi-Fi.
– Choose Delta WiFi from the list of available programs. You will be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal.
– If the page does not load, sort “” in your search bar to be automatically directed to the Wi-Fi portal.

Free messaging allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones, even in the sky

Delta provides free cellular messaging so you can stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues while working on board.

Free messaging can be obtained on all Wi-Fi enabled flights using all iMessage, opens in new window, even Facebook Messenger, opens in new window, also WhatsApp, opens in new window Programs on tablets.

A few things to know about Delta’s free messaging

It’s totally free. Purchase is optional and courier and information charges do not apply. Download the iMessage, opens into a new window, either Facebook Messenger, opens into a new window, or WhatsApp, opens in a new window programs prior to takeoff and guarantee that recipients of your messages have downloaded programs downloaded also.

Words and words emojis accepted. Sending photographs, videos or even SMS messages isn’t supported.

On flights where Wi-Fi use is thicker than ordinary, sending messages can take slightly more:
– In apparatus Settings, change your apparatus into Airplane Mode, then flip your own Wi-Fi.
– Pick DeltaWiFi in the listing of available programs. You are going to be redirected into the Wi-Fi portal site where you are able to select”Free Messaging”.
– In case the page does not load, then kind”” in your search bar. Then select”Free Messaging” in the Wi-Fi portal.

Pre-Purchase Your Wi-Fi

We provide an assortment of Wi-Fi moves onboard to best match the requirements of travelers. Passes may also be bought before your journey. Prepare to be amused about Delta flights, without any cost.
Clients on almost all national and Worldwide flights will sense In home in the atmosphere using free amusement via Delta Studio. Delta functions the world’s biggest in-flight entertainment-equipped fleet, with over 1,000 aircraft offering Delta Studio through flowing via notebooks, cellular devices and tablet computers, along with almost 400 aircraft armed with all seat-back entertainment methods.

Delta Studio provides around 300 films, 750 TV displays, 100 foreign movie Names, 2,400 tunes, 18 channels of live satellite TV on aircraft along with a choice of matches on aircraft using seat-back amusement systems. Delta Studio always gives the ideal depth and breadth of material in the heavens, from the lineup of all the very best picture nominees throughout awards year, to using almost each the top-grossing current box office hits; also as superior TV alternatives such as Showtime’s Billions along with HBO’s Vinyl. Live TV can be found on over 240 aircraft.

Delta’s commitment is to provide customers with the best in-flight entertainment services

Delta is the sole U.S. carrier to provide private, on-demand Entertainment at each seat on all extended distance foreign flights. The airline also manages the world’s biggest Wi-Fi-equipped fleet, with over 1,000 linked Delta aircraft, including the airline’s whole fleet of 660 national mainline aircraft, Delta Link two-class regional jets and 99% of its widebody global fleet.

Delta has made considerable investments in its own off-the-shelf merchandise and The consumer experience, such as modernizing the insides of countless aircraft with higher ability overhead bins, seatback entertainment methods, fresh lavatories, ambient LED lighting, new chairs with power sockets, along with other updates.

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