All entertainment services are free on board: A first in the history of air transport

To ensure your comfort throughout your journey on its aircraft, Delta Air Lines believes in every detail, which means you can enjoy fresh food, great drinks and free strategies to keep you entertained.

Delta Studio: entertainment at your fingertips

Enjoy over 1000 hours of free entertainment right on your seat screen, like 12 satellite TV channels with the best movies, premium TV shows from HBO, Hulu and Showtime, podcasts, playlists and more matches, …

Delta Airlines offers its customers full entertainment for free. Delta Studio, the airline’s industry-leading inflight entertainment suite, is free to all customers on two-class aircraft, which comprises nearly 90% of Delta’s fleet. Web platforms like Movidy deliver content in 4K.

While traveling on board a Delta Studio aircraft, the passenger benefits from 300 films, 750 television programs and more than fifteen television channels, …

Delta is the only airline in the United States to offer on-demand personal entertainment at every seat on all long-haul international flights.

Delta Air Lines Unveils New Entertainment Options

The US commercial airline, Delta Air Lines, has incorporated its 500th aircraft with screens in the seats as part of the free entertainment options provided by Delta Studios.

The entertainment files that are on the screens can be downloaded to the multiple smart devices that the passenger is carrying. Delta recognizes that Delta customers multitask using multiple screens throughout their day and wants to offer them options and flexibility, so they can decide how they want to spend their time on board.

On-screen programming includes up to 300 movies, including over 100 foreign films, 750 TV shows, 18 satellite TV channels on select devices, and a games section in the entertainment system.

The in-flight entertainment system can be updated monthly through Delta Studios’ partnership with major movie studios, allowing content to be accessible to any traveler who wants captioned or dubbed content in an abundance of languages.

Watch a movie or TV show while enjoying sweet or savory food

A revamped snack line now includes treats like Clif Almond and Cereal Bars to give customers a boost on the go. Other options are Goldfish and Biscoff cookies, the latter exclusive to Delta, which satisfy any sweet or savory craving.

Passengers can dine while watching classics and outings on the newly updated inflight entertainment service.

High speed wifi

The WiFi offer tends to be the majority among airlines. Delta Air Lines offers connectivity on all of its aircraft.

A new entertainment system in the Delta A321neo

The Delta Flight Products internal in-flight entertainment system is also a key component of the A321neo seats, continues the specialist site. The screens integrated into the seat (of unknown diagonal) are powered by wireless connection rather than cabling, which “helps reduce the weight of the aircraft and ease some complexities of installation and certification.” A similar product is offered on the A220-100 of the alliance company SkyTeam. New deliveries of the A330neo and the modernization of the 767-400 also include an “advanced” version of this system.

In-flight connectivity is provided on the Gogo 2Ku platform, in line with the rest of the Delta Air Lines fleet. It has ordered one hundred A321neo closes plus as many as options, their entry into service still not being formalized due to problems encountered by Airbus.

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