Disabled passengers on planes: Delta Air Lines has all the necessary devices for a comfortable journey on board

If you must travel by plane with a wheelchair, whether manual or electric, be aware that there are special precautions to take before departure.

How and when should you check in your wheelchair?

If you plan to travel with your wheelchair, you can use it to move around the airport until check-in. From there, the airline will provide you with another one.

When you arrive at your destination, the airport team will accompany you to the baggage area, where you can collect your wheelchair.

However, in order to receive this service, Delta Airlines requires that you make your reservation in advance (48hours), either online or by phone. For this you must call this phone number +1.8009.8489.35.

Whether or not your wheelchair can board depends on certain factors. Each airline including Delta Airlines has its own conditions.

The passengers concerned are supposed to request the transport service of their wheelchairs according to the corresponding SSR:

Code SSR Description

Wheelchairs with an enclosure

WCBW Wheelchairs with liquid battery
WCHC Wheelchair for completely still person
WCHR Wheelchair for passenger traveling on an intercontinental and long distance line
WCHS A wheelchair to be used only to get on or off the plane


Wheelchair with a manual trigger system for


Wheelchair to circulate on board (provided by the air carrier)

There may be different access points at the airport for the assistance service, so it is best to call them in advance to find out which one to go to. The team will accompany you through each airport procedure until you reach the plane itself. Check with the airline on the support structures available for arriving flights, so that they can advise you on the options available when you arrive.

Generally, this service is not charged as an extra, but again, each airline has its own rules regarding the weight and size limits of wheelchairs on board. We therefore recommend that you confirm everything in advance before checking in your wheelchair.

– Traveling with a manual wheelchair

If you have a foldable manual wheelchair, you can fold it up at the check-in counter like any other piece of luggage and collect it when you arrive. In the event that the chair cannot be folded, most can be checked in without any problem, but it is recommended to consult the airline at least 48 hours before and ideally at the time of booking.

– Traveling with an electric wheelchair

Detachable parts like batteries are often removed, but it is best to check the airline’s conditions of carriage beforehand in case of a wheelchair powered by dry cell, lithium or liquid-based batteries. It is also recommended to remove the power cable and the control handle and take them with you in your cabin baggage. You should leave your wheelchair in manual mode so that airport staff can move it easily.

– Traveling with a scooter

If you take a scooter, someone will have to drive it to the hold of the plane. In order to avoid any problem, we advise you to put tape on the top of the throttle to avoid exceeding the recommended speed, while using a cable to attach the key and keep the cushions or baskets detachable with you, as they can easily get lost during the journey.

Boarding Disabled Passengers on a Delta Airlines Flight

Passengers with reduced mobility are often the first to board and the last to leave the plane. Especially because the reserved seats are often located at the front, near the windows and easily accessible by the teams on board. In the event that there is no boarding bridge, airports use vehicles specially equipped with platforms that allow boarding and disembarkation of the aircraft.