What is the price of the AMEX Business Green card?

The price of the Green American Express card is really advantageous. So to speak, the Green American Express card is free. If you spend at least $ 3,500 a year with your card, you won’t pay a dime. So you potentially have a completely free American Express card in your wallet.

If your expenses are usually not that high, the price of the Green American Express card is $ 80 per year. This is definitely the cheapest American Express card. So if you don’t want to shell out more for an American Express membership, the Green card is the bank card for you. You won’t find a better price on the market.

What are the advantages of the Green American Express card?

– Annual fees

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Green American Express card over other American Express bank cards is the annual fee. Gold card holders have to pay a fee of $ 185 per year, while Platinum card holders have to pay $ 590.

In contrast, with the Green card, the annual fee is only $ 90 and is usually waived in the first year. That’s not all ! This card is the only American Express card where the annual fee is refunded if you reach a minimum spending amount. If you spend at least $ 3,500 a year with your card, you won’t pay a dime. So you potentially have a completely free American Express card in your wallet.

– Welcome bonus of 10,000 points

When you sign up for the card, you will receive a welcome bonus of 10,000 loyalty points. This is a very important benefit, as it will allow you to earn rewards faster with your Membership Rewards points.

– Access to American Express Membership Rewards

The most important benefit of the Green American Express card is access to American Express Membership Rewards. This program allows you to earn a loyalty point for each euro spent. Whether you make purchases in dollars or another currency, in a store or on the internet, each purchase will give you points. Only cash withdrawals are excluded from the award of points.

The American Express Membership Rewards points program is one of the most flexible points programs on the market. The program offers you several ways to redeem your points, but the most attractive option is certainly the transfer of points to hotel programs and airline loyalty programs. Your daily purchases will therefore allow you to get your hands on cheap plane tickets.

– Complete range of insurance

It should also be mentioned that the Green American Express card offers advantageous insurance benefits. You will be able to benefit from insurance in case of flight or baggage delay and protection against abuse when using the card

Flight and baggage delay insurance will only take effect if you have paid for your flight with your card.

Here is the range of travel insurance and assistance included with the Green American Express card:

  • Purchase protection guarantee: Goods purchased with your card are covered in the event of accidental deterioration or breakage up to 90 days after your purchase and up to 800 euros per claim.
  • Travel incident coverage: Basic purchases made with your card in the event of baggage delay of more than six hours are also reimbursed up to 100 euros per event and per insured.
  • Travel accident insurance: In the event of disability or death following an accident in public transport, paid with the Green American Express Card, you are covered up to $ 150,000 per insured and per event and up to 300,000 maximum dollars per family.

Advanced technology

The Green American Express card is also a technology leader. On the one hand, American Express offers a great way to track payments with the mobile app. On the other hand, American Express has been an Apple Pay partner since day one. You can therefore leave your Green card in your wallet and pay contactlessly with your iPhone.

How do you get the card?

To be able to apply for the card, three points are necessary. Among other things, you must be able to justify a gross annual income of at least 20,000 dollars, be over 18 years old and have a bank account in euros.

If you meet these conditions, don’t hesitate to apply for your card online now. You will only need to fill in your personal information, such as your name, contact details and address.

Is the Green American Express card worth it?

User reviews of the Green American Express card are quite positive. The Green American Express card is particularly attractive if you want to participate in the American Express Membership Rewards program and earn miles to get your hands on cheap flights.

In principle, the Green American Express Card is definitely worth the money, especially since you can use it for free in the first year.

However, in order to earn maximum points, it is recommended to apply for the Gold American Express card before the Green card. In this way, you will receive 20,000 loyalty points rather than 10,000. Being also free in the first year, you will be able to take advantage of the advantages of the Gold card such as the full range of travel insurance.

After one year, just before you have to pay the annual Gold card fee, you can call American Express and request to switch to the Green card.

Phone Numbers

Contact Details Available
ARGENTINA +54 1143103002 24/7
AUSTRALIA +61 292718666 24/7
AUSTRIA +43 810910940 24/7
BRAZIL +55 34 21026266 24/7
CANADA +1 9054740870,+1 8006682639 24/7
DENMARK +45 70 20 44 99 M-F 8:30-16:30
FINLAND +35 8961320400 M-F: 9:00-18:00
FRANCE +33 147777000 24/7
GERMANY +49 6997971000 24/7
HONG KONG +85 222771010 24/7
INDIA +91 1242801800 24/7
ITALY +39 0672282 24/7
JAPAN +81 332206100 24/7
MEXICO +52 5553262929 24/7
NETHERLANDS +31 205048000 M-F 8:00-20:00
NEW ZEALAND +61 292718666 24/7
NORWAY +47 24 05 52 63 M-F 8:00-18:00
SINGAPORE +65 68801900 24/7
SPAIN +34 902375637 24/7
SWEDEN +46 771295600 M – F: 8:00-18:00
TAIWAN +88 6227190707 24/7
THAILAND +66 22735544 24/7
UNITED KINGDOM +44 1273696933 24/7


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