Skymiles: Discover the benefits of the silver medallion

After reaching Medallion status, you can enjoy great benefits, such as unlimited free upgrades, priority boarding and free baggage fees. In addition, you can also enjoy the advantages of CLEAR membership and rollover MQM priority rates.

With silver, you can get more

You can earn more miles when traveling as a silver medallion. In addition, the Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM) that you earn that exceed the Medallion Tier qualification threshold will be transferred to the next qualifying year, allowing you to start acquiring status again-these are called “carryover MQMs.”

Unlimited Tips MQM

An example of how Rollover MQM works: By earning 45,000 MQM and $6,000 MQD in the 2019 calendar year, you will receive the 2020 Silver Award. You only need 25,000 MQM to reach Silver, and you have enough MQD to get Gold, but you have not fully reached 50,000 Gold MQ to reach Gold. With the renewal MQM, you will be able to transfer the 20,000 MQM from the income that exceeds the silver requirement to the balance of the next year, so that you can move towards the starting point for income in 2021, every January.

MQM rollover rights are unique to Delta Air Lines and apply only to its Medallion members.

Unlimited free upgrades

As a platinum member, you and your friends can enjoy unlimited free upgrades to First Class and Delta Comfort +, as well as the local DeltaOne experience on the day of departure 24 hours (1 day) before departure. You can choose the “seat preference” for Delta Comfort + free upgrades for future flights.

Unlimited Complementary U.S 50 Delta One Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares). Award Tickets Miles + Cash and Pay With Miles Tickets.

Day of departure

Unlimited Complementary First Class

Begins 24 hours prior to departure

Unlimited Complementary Delta Comfort+

Begins 24 hours prior to departure

Unlimited Complementary First Class/ Delta Comfort+/ Upgrades for a Companion


Complimentary Preferred Seats



Free checked baggage

Enjoy all aspects of the first checked baggage for free on Delta or select airline partner flights. When flying on Delta Air Lines, up to 8 companions will receive their first registered baggage for free.

– Airport facilities

From check-in to flying, move faster around the airport.

– Priority check-in

Thanks to priority boarding, you can sit down early.

– Hertz’s vehicle advantage

Even if you are not flying, you can still enjoy exclusive discounts on Hertz car rental services. With Hertz, you can earn 1,000 bonus miles for every eligible lease.

You might even make lifemiles standing by flying a thousand kilometers or more lifetime miles. This starts at life Silver status for attaining”just” 1 million kilometers, and caps at life Diamond status for flying 4 thousand miles. That 4 million kilometers is more than 160 excursions round the Earth, so don’t hold your breath because of this standing unless you journey incredibly often.

Credit card waivers

SkyMiles made from Delta’s branded credit cards don’t count as either Elite Qualification Miles or Elite Qualification Dollars. But they do provide something known as a Medallion Qualification Dollars Waiver to those who spend a ton in their Delta cards. How much is a”ton”? Here’s the breakdown:

That is, you won’t have to get to the Elite Qualification Dollar threshold to earn these 3 statuses.

All of Medallion tiers provide priority boarding and check-in, and most importantly except Silver get priority safety and luggage accessibility. All tiers also receive complimentary seat update eligibility, free checked bags and incentive SkyMiles, using high tiers offer correspondingly greater rewards. SkyMiles earned per dollar spent 7 (40% bonus)

What is Status Medallion Silver?

That is a good question. Is it a “Good” or “Bad” gift? And if you were a Delta Air Lines frequent flier you would know the answer to that question. As an authorized representative of Delta Air Lines, I want to share with you some of the benefits of a Delta Status. Please refer to my blog for full disclosure of this information.

Please refer to Delta customer service representative for information regarding promotional and award-winning access to this program. Qualification for elite status begins by meeting basic qualifications. As a valued global partner, Delta Air Lines proudly provides Corporate Travelers a complimentary Medallion Status Match for a 6 month period, depending on the distance traveled and the carrier involved. The 6 month period allows the frequent flier to plan leisure or business travel around his/her schedule, eliminating missed connections and the inconvenience of overbooking. And with restrictions may apply, please contact your representative about any and all questions pertaining to Delta Medallion status.

The benefits of a Medallion Membership include: Delta Reserve Line Members – access to over 150 destinations worldwide | card must be used on an approved flight and for a minimum of five (5) consecutive days during the first sixty (60) days in which the card is valid. Silver Level Membership – current Delta Reserve Line Members are required to meet a minimum of five (5) consecutive days in which the card is active. Gold Level Membership, eligibility for Delta Reserve and Premier Service Rewards. Silver Level Members are eligible for up to two (2) round-trip tickets on Delta Air Lines per year.

The premium quality credit card earns you rewards and benefits such as: Dividends, cash rebates, bonuses, travel miles, air miles, leisure activities, points and much more. As you earn stars, you can earn free hotel stays, merchandise gifts, dining passes, airport shuttle services and even instant airline ticket upgrades. Your membership benefits will start to pay off once you attain elite status. With the silver medallion perk, you receive a free Diner’s Club membership. Additionally, you also gain access to special incentives and savings.

The silver medallion perk is just one of many exclusive benefits that the credit card can offer its members. For example, you will also receive priority check-in with baggage verification. And, with access to premier service, you will enjoy the ability to redeem your frequent flier miles. You will be able to select from dining plans, business travel plans and leisure travel plans. In addition, if you have other credit cards that you are not enrolled in or if you are paying a high interest rate, this membership card will assist you to pay the balance at lower interest rates and keep your account active. If you are a member, it is possible to add family members as authorized users without a fee.

The silver delta medallion membership offers three distinct ways to earn status. First, you can use the “dawndep” service which requires you to purchase $100 USD. You will be provided with a digital check and can print it at home using a desktop printer. Print the checks and present them to the Delta Airlines customer service center for your entry into the membership bonus program. If you do not meet the requirements for a delta membership, there are still other methods available.

Your status can be upgraded to the gold status by paying an extra fee. When you become a gold member, you will gain access to a VIP lounge, an airplane plane hangar and a personal concierge. You will also be required to pay an extra membership fee and must prove that you are over the age of eighteen. There are a few additional benefits that are awarded when you become a silver member.

Other benefits include access to special promotions and priority seating. If you spend a certain amount of money on a trip or a membership, you will also receive a free upgrade from a basic to an elite status. If you are flying in the United States or Canada, you will have the option of adding your lapel pin to your airline boarding passes. In most cases, if you pay your bill on time, you will receive an additional discount on these fees. In addition to flying in the country or province of your choice, you may also be entitled to expedited customs clearance and waived air fare fees.

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