How to travel with sports equipment on a Delta flight?

When you want to travel by plane, there are certain rules you should know in order to make the necessary arrangements. In this page, you specifically consult the conditions related to the transport of special baggage by plane. Because, it is important to take these rules into account before packing to avoid any inconvenience. So while in form they may vary from airline to airline, generally speaking these rules are pretty much the same.

The legal weight of special baggage by plane, maximum dimensions

According to international standards, the following sports equipment is considered special baggage: Golf bag, bicycles / tandem, diving, Skis and snowboards, water sports objects (body-surfing, surfboard, kitesurf, which weigh more than 23 kg), etc. For this category of baggage, the authorized dimension (width + height + length) is 300 cm. For some airplanes, the size of the hold cannot support the transport of equipment with a length over 180 cm. This is why you should check with your company for the rules applicable to special baggage.

Hunting or sport weapon

  • Wheelchair
  • Ammunition: they must not exceed the maximum weight which is 5kg

For the following items of equipment, if they exceed the size and weight authorized in the cabin or in the hold, are also classified as special baggage:

  • Non-electric scooter
  • Fishing gear
  • Bulky baggage (any baggage exceeding 158 cm)

It should be noted that in general, the objects mentioned above are those which are considered as special baggage, but their mode or procedure of treatment differs from one company to another.

Transportation of surf equipment on a Delta flight

Delta Airlines charges $ 150 for a cover containing a maximum of 2 surfboards, weighing up to 32 kg and not exceeding 290 cm. Between Honolulu and Maui (Hawaii), $ 20. You must contact and verify with the reservation service that your boards will be accepted.

Check the additional baggage fees and see if your airline offers free space for certain sporting goods.

Have you ever wondered how passengers fly with bikes, surfboards, skates, golf bags, weights, ski gear and more?

While it sounds complicated, and even impossible; doing it on a commercial flight is straightforward and some airlines like Delta offer the best ways to do it.

Sports equipment is classified as “oversized baggage” and Delta generally charges an additional fee over the regular price, which you should verify before making your reservation.

But, for nationwide travel with surfboards, an airline such as Delta Airlines offers the best option for traveling with sports equipment. The US carrier allows passengers to travel with a surfboard without paying extra.

If your desire is to travel with your bike, you may find the difficulty when you have to disassemble it before boarding the plane and assemble it when you arrive at your destination.

DAL requests that the tires be deflated, dismantled and inside a cardboard box or in a special case.

Anglers pay nothing on most domestic flights by its team of two branches, a reel, a landing net, a tackle box and fishing boots.

In the case of golf bags, athletes should not be concerned as most airlines pass as checked baggage and will not pay more than the established rate.

Ski equipment is also often spent free at most national airlines and brings skis in one suitcase and boots or helmets in another, bags pass as checked baggage and are priced if you combine your team with clothing or personal items.

It is suggested to contact the American company to know more details about the luggage and thus avoid additional costs and enjoy the benefits.

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