Delta launches Reclaim my Status program to benefit its customers

To ease travel difficulties after a major change in passenger lives, Delta Air Lines launched Reclaim my Status for members of its SkyMiles Medallion loyalty program.

After listening to the suggestions of its customers, the airline designed this addition to its Medallion program, so that they can enjoy the benefits and regain their status after being impacted by a life-changing event.

Delta advised that each case will be assessed individually. Here are some of the cases that require my status to be recovered: becoming a father, including maternity, paternity, adoption or foster leave; recovery from serious illness or injury; change of job or career; take care of a family member; obtaining a diploma; among others.

When Medallion members are ready to resume travel after an event that affected travel and caused loss or change of status, they should submit a request to regain Medallion status at

Member passengers will receive a response from Delta within five business days or up to two weeks and, if the request is approved, they will automatically and immediately receive three months of free Medallion status. Then, those who meet the minimum travel and spending limits for that status level during that three-month period will keep it.

Benefits of Medallion Status include: continued investment in industry-leading benefits for Delta SkyMiles credit cards from American Express; free access to the award-winning Delta Sky Clubs network around the world for Delta Reserve card members and American Express Platinum card members; Delta’s participation in the American Express Membership Rewards program which, among other things, allows these points to be transferred to the SkyMiles program.

Reclaim my status: how does this service Skymiles work?

Who has never been frustrated with losing their status because of a lifestyle choice or a “life accident”? And one or two years later find yourself having to go all the way from scratch and do without priority queues, trade fairs and other benefits that you quickly get a taste for.

It may sound trivial but ask anyone who has tasted it, it is quite frustrating to lose all of these benefits, especially when you are not responsible for the situation. There is a difference between deciding to travel less and being forced to travel less.

Because you had to go back to school, lost your job or changed jobs, you got sick, … so many very valid reasons that leave a taste of injustice inside you, because you don’t You have not traveled with Delta, you have not been able to maintain your Skymiles status, thus, you have lost any flight miles for reasons beyond your control.

It is these people that Delta Airlines has thought of by introducing a new solution that allows people who have lost their status following an event in their life to quickly recover it the day they are again able to travel without having to. to start from scratch to climb again the ranks of the loyalty program one by one.

Just go to the page of this new device aptly named Reclaim my Status.

There you will have to provide a certain amount of information and evidence in relation to the event that caused you to stop flying or, in any case, to fly significantly less to the point of losing your status.

After examination, if you meet all the conditions, you will recover your old status for a period of 3 months (so you should only do this when you are sure you can resume your pace before).

During these three months, depending on the status in question, you will have to accumulate a certain number of flights / miles to prove that you are indeed “back”. Once this threshold is reached, the status is acquired for a period of one year.

Recover my status

This useful program is essentially parental leave for the elite status of airlines. That is, if you were a Medallion Status Member who had a major event in your life that caused you to lose your status, Delta will allow you to regain your previous status in the same way as the corresponding program above.

To be eligible, you must be able to provide documentation of the life event, but Delta says “all life events will be considered”.

If approved, Delta will restore your old status for three months and give you the option to extend your recovered status until the following year in the same way as the status challenge above. You should therefore only apply to the program when you are ready (and planning) to start flying again.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of Delta’s elite Medallion program? Dont be. This is an excellent program for travelers who travel frequently with Delta and its partners, and it can provide economic and comfort-enhancing benefits to all Medallion holders.

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