Sign up for SkyBonus, and start reaping its benefits after every business trip

SKYBONUS is a program that rewards companies by offering their employees free tickets to certain mileage members achieved in addition to access to all SkyClub benefits.

It is a rewards program aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It helps increase savings on travel costs through rewards.

Every corporate traveler accumulates points for the company. It applies to routes operated by Delta and the partners of the Skyteam alliance.

Delta Air Lines, the program launched by the airline to reward professional travelers including companies based in the United States. These allow their employees to register for the program and benefit from exclusive advantages including the reservation of airline tickets using miles, access to Delta VIP lounges in airports around the world, …

Registration for membership in this program must be done online.

What data do you need to enter to register your business on Sky Bonus?

– The name and address of your company

– Tax Identification Number

– Federal tax number or VAT number if in US / CA

– Name, contact number and email address to register an agent who will be responsible for processing the request on behalf of your organization

– The ARC / IATA number, e-mail address and contact details of your preferred travel agency that can also take over the task of managing your account.

Connect and identify yourself to the customer account

To do this, go directly to this page and enter your nickname and your password (entered when registering for the program)

Who can occur In Delta SkyBonus?

Small and medium-sized organizations are allowed to participate in SkyBonus. In addition to a minimum of $ 5,000 in annual costs to Delta or its own partners, a minimum of five employees must complete qualifying flights each calendar year to remain in the program.

SkyBonus is an incentive program in which participating companies accumulate points which can be redeemed for more than twenty prizes.

Other benefits include complimentary tickets, VIP lounge tickets, upgrades to a superior cabin, coupons for onboard services or an upgrade to “Silver Medallion” status in the Delta SkyMiles loyalty program.

The benefits Delta offers under the SkyBonus program go far beyond a good travel experience. Small and medium-sized businesses enjoy great flexibility in the use of the points they earn. For example, they can use the rewards offered by SkyBonus to control operational expenses by redeeming them for airline tickets, access VIP lounges or in recognition of a loyal customer. The advantages are diverse and very flexible.

Delta Air Lines, SkyBonus is aimed at companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico and can now take advantage of the transatlantic joint venture agreement signed between the companies of the SkyTeam alliance. It will allow them to transform their travel budget into loyalty rewards, thus obtaining SkyBonus points for each dollar spent on Air France, Alitalia, KLM or Delta Air Lines. The advantages can be, for example, trips or upgrades on each of the companies, membership cards and passes to access the various airport lounges, etc.

The fact that companies earn SkyBonus points will not prevent every traveler from continuing to accumulate miles on Air France’s Flying Blue loyalty programs – KLM, Alitalia’s MilleMiglia or Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles, and from transferring them. from one to another or to employees or friends.

The extension of SkyBonus to the three European companies is accompanied throughout the month of March by the doubling of the points acquired for each transatlantic trip. SkyBonus is now in effect in 45 countries.

The transatlantic joint venture signed between the four airlines allows them to offer around 250 flights per day between Europe and the Americas, or a quarter of total traffic. It allows their travelers to access 300 destinations from the twenty-six exit gates of North America and 200 other destinations from the thirty-three exit gates in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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