How to travel on board Delta Air Lines flight with your Golf Club?

You want to get away from it all on the Costa del Sol, the paradise of all golfers. You find a cheap plane ticket but the supplement of the bag of clubs makes the trip as expensive as a ticket for more passengers.

If you travel by plane, the more luggage you carry, the more you pay. My tip is to take advantage of all the free spaces in your checked baggage only.

Golf bag on board a Delta Airlines flight: Weight and size limits

At Delta Air Lines, the rules are clear and simple. During golf bag check-in, the agent at the airport measures and weighs your equipment, and it must not weigh more than 50 IB and measure more than 62 inches. In this situation, you must pay the additional baggage fee to be able to transport your golf bag in the hold.

Delta Airlines advises customers that golf bags larger than 115 inches are not accepted, so they may be freighted to your destination.

Essential Tips for Your Airplane Golf Trip

If you really want to enjoy your golf trip, there are a number of things you need to consider. Preparing for a trip seems easy, but we always come across small details that we hadn’t considered. and which can end up ruining your stay. Go away. From our personal and professional experience, we want to give you a series of guidelines that will ensure the success of your trip.

– As for the destination

You should select the destination very carefully depending on the date you are traveling to, many places change drastically depending on the season of the year. The most popular golf courses require reservations several months in advance, while the lesser known ones allow same-day entry. Don’t forget to check the booking conditions of the course you are going to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It seems obvious, but the success of the trip largely depends on the company you go with, choose those you know best and who enjoy the company of others so that the trip is as fun as possible for everyone. Avoid mixing very different temperaments, even if you are friends. People react differently to the stress of travel.

– As for baggage

Make a list of the gear you usually use in your usual field, so you don’t forget anything when packing. Above all, don’t forget to include the most useful items in your luggage, such as sunscreen, rain gear or an umbrella, because if you forget to buy them, it could be much more expensive at your destination.

Pack a spare pair of golf shoes, a pair of shoes can always get wet or damaged and you could end up without this essential equipment for the next day’s game if you don’t pack a second pair of golf shoes.

Regarding the golf clubs to transport them, invest in a good travel bag, preferably rigid, because that way they will be more protected Pack your clubs with great care, if you use a soft fabric travel bag, protect your clubs by wrapping with cloth, towels or bubble wrap. As an added precaution, some golfers insert a broomstick, or something similar, into the club bag, slightly longer than the driver, to absorb any impact at the top.

Take advantage of the space available in the bag, to carry shoes, and sports clothes that can also be very useful for absorbing shocks, in addition to everything you might need. Clearly identify your bag of clubs with your name and telephone number (or the name of the hotel where you will be staying at your destination), like the rest of your luggage, and close it securely. If you are going on a long trip or are going to be carrying a lot of luggage, a rolling bag will make moving your luggage a lot easier.

If you are traveling by plane, remember that there are a number of restrictions regarding the transport of luggage. Check with the airline you will be traveling with (Delta Air Lines) the cost of excess baggage. Weigh your suitcases, bag of clubs and the rest of your belongings at home and plan ahead. Knowing in advance the travel costs with your golf clubs will avoid unpleasant surprises when you pass through the airport check-in counter. There are many factors to take into account, which will completely change depending on the company you are traveling with.

Delta Airlines has its own policy on the transportation of sports equipment, so it is necessary to devote special time to this issue before booking your flight and studying the different options. It is necessary to know exactly the conditions of transport (packaging, weight, cost, …). You can contact their customer service for more information on this subject.

As it is special baggage, we must check it in at the specific counters for the delivery of heavy and bulky baggage, and on many occasions these are different counters from those for the check-in of the rest of the suitcases, so you must be there with more time in advance at the airport if you don’t want to miss your flight.

As this is special baggage there is a greater chance that the clubs will not arrive the same day with us with all that entails. But there are more risks, because of the dimensions, the bag can be damaged by the carrying straps.

An important point, especially if you will be flying to airports in the United States, or to major airports, if you have played within 7 days of the flight, be aware that the fertilizer used at many golf courses can leave a trace on the golf shoes and in the golf bag. This must be communicated in the event of detection, because it can be confused with the trace of substances whose transport by plane is prohibited.

Remember that sports or bulky baggage is the first to be checked in and also the last to leave, you will have to wait a little longer at the baggage carousel when you arrive at your destination. This is very important if you have to make a transfer by plane or with another means of transport, calculate the times with enough margins to be able to arrive calmly and avoid losing the connection.

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