How do I get a boarding pass to travel on a Delta Air Lines flight?

If you’re taking a Delta Airlines flight, one of the main steps to getting on your plane is getting your boarding pass.

No one, you will not be able to go through security at the airport and you will not be able to board the plane. If you are traveling with Delta Air Lines, you have a choice of ways to receive your boarding pass, one of which you can avoid the dreaded queues at the counters.

Access Delta’s “On-Line Check-In” website on your personal computer up to 24 hours 30 minutes before your flight. Enter your SkyMilescredit card flight check number and click “Search” to search for your own route.

Locate an amazing airport kiosk at the terminal in case you are unable to post your boarding pass at home. Provide your title and then your debit or credit card, SkyMiles or confirmation number when prompted. Then choose your flight from the routes indicated.

Wait in line at the Delta check-in counter in case you are unable to post your boarding pass in an additional way. Provide your flight and identification information to the check-in representative, who will then provide you with a boarding pass. If the airport includes curbside assistance, you may be able to check in and receive your boarding pass through a Delta Skycap.

On Delta flights around the world, boarding areas will likely be renamed to reflect the branded fare purchased, while still attributing customer devotion.

The branded boarding arrangement features additional boarding collections, encouraging fewer customers to queue at the gate area at all times, and relieving the crowds throughout the dressing process. This is the most recent development of Delta’s multi-year feature aimed at delivering attention, ease, clarity and less pressure to the door and grooming expertise, attempts that have led to scores of always high customer encounters.

Here’s what customers can expect on a daily basis:
– On travel
Customers will observe the purchased branded fare, or Sky Priority, in their own mobile or printed vanity which suggests their group of vanity tables.

For the majority of customers, their location at the time of boarding does not change – the brand name only makes it easier to understand.

Customers will also find new color accents identifying all Delta and Sky fare products on displays and door signage.

About the Fly Delta and program

The exact same new colors attached to each branded fare will likely be seen by a few consumers early on in the e-shopping experience. A slow listing of all customers on as well as the Fly Delta program are based on best practices for large digital changes. And, this step-by-step approach allows Delta to gather customer feedback for ongoing improvements.

Exotic Boarding pairs with Delta’s latest boarding enhancement, the zone membership for core economy customers. This change resulted in better customer satisfaction scores in each zone, as well as a remarkable improvement in the decrease in consumer diversity in zone 3 and also double-digit development for the Main Cabin zones.

Delta put the boarding under the microscope, considering new methods of organizing and examining theories – like using electronic displays rather than static fishing signs, such as columns. To keep customers informed, the airline has also pioneered by adding larger screens above the aircraft doors and sending out notifications in the Fly Delta program.

Current Boarding Zones

– Pre-Boarding
– Customers needing more time or assistance board
– First, followed by active military members and customers using car seats or strollers
Premium Delta One, First Class or Delta Premium Select & Diamond Medallion Members For regional jets without a First Class cabin, boarding begins with Diamond Medallion Members.

Sky Priority

Platinum & Gold Medallion Members, Sky Team Elite Plus, Delta Comfort+ and other eligible loyalty program members not boarded with a higher seating priority.

Silver Medallion Members, Sky Team Elite, eligible Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members, Corporate Travelers and other loyalty program members not boarded with a higher seating priority.

Pre-Boarding Customers needing assistance or additional time to board

Active Duty U.S. Military personnel with ID

Delta One Delta One customers
Diamond Medallion Members
First Class or Delta Premium Select Delta Premium Select customers

First Class customers

Diamond Medallion Members (if aircraft does not have a Delta One cabin)

Early boarding for customers traveling with carseats and strollers
Delta Comfort+ Delta Comfort+ customers
Sky Priority Platinum Medallion members
Gold Medallion members
Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members
Virgin Australia Platinum and Gold members
GOL Smiles Diamond members
SkyTeam Elite Plus members
Main Cabin 1 Silver Medallion Members
Delta Corporate Travelers
Delta SkyMiles Gold, Platinum and Reserve Card Members
Flying Blue Silver members
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Silver members
Virgin Australia Velocity Silver members
GOL Smiles Gold members
Sky Team Elite
SkyMiles Select Members
Main Cabin 2 Main Cabin customers
Main Cabin 3 Main Cabin customers booked in T, X and V fares
Basic Economy Basic Economy customers (E)


Silver Medallion Members will not have a dedicated Priority Boarding zone on Delta flights departing AMS and CDG due to Air France-KLM boarding policies.

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