American Express Business: Register and get the Blue Card

Delta and American Express have announced that their new credit card will be available again, but this time it comes with more rewards and enhanced travel benefits.

This includes limited time offers on the card wallet and up to 100,000 miles for those who qualify. Plus, the Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Reserve American Express Business and Consumer cards will be made of metal, making them even more fun to pull out when paying for your daily expenses.

With the Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express card, members can earn 15,000 bonus miles after spending $ 1,000 on purchases in the first three months.

Learn more about this card and find out how you can apply for it

The American Express Blue Delta SkyMiles credit card is a basic travel rewards credit card for regular Delta travelers. While there is nothing particularly fancy or unusual about it, Blue Delta SkyMiles is a great option for travelers looking for low-cost, no-cost assistance that brings them closer to free airfare and class upgrades.

If the name Blue Delta SkyMiles rings a bell, it’s because it is one of the three “color” cards supported by American Express and Delta. Its larger and more generous cousins are Gold Delta SkyMiles and Platinum Delta SkyMiles. Both cards have annual fees, making Blue ideal for the more frugal traveler.

Bonus when registering

When you earn at least $ 500 on qualifying purchases within 3 months of your account opening, you earn 10,000 additional SkyMiles bonuses. That’s almost enough to redeem for a one-way economy flight with a regular price within the United States.

Earning Delta SkyMiles

This card earns 2 SkyMiles miles for every dollar spent on qualifying restaurants and Delta purchases. All other purchases earn 1 Unlimited SkyMile for every dollar spent.

Delta SkyMiles redemption

The best way to redeem your accumulated SkyMiles is to update Airfares and Delta Fares. One-way cash refunds for travel to the United States typically start at 12,500 miles. Round-trip travel to the United States typically requires 25,000 miles.

Periodic fare sales and discounts may reduce the number of miles required for return flights to 7,000 miles or less, subject to strict route and schedule restrictions. For the same reason, mileage requirements can increase during peak periods, such as summer vacations and spring break weekends.

Airline ticket refunds typically value SkyMiles between $ 0.005 and $ 0.02, but values ​​for specific routes may be higher or lower. You can also redeem your SkyMiles on SkyMiles MarketPlace online for products, gift cards and experiences. Redemption rates are generally less than $ 0.01 per mile at SkyMiles MarketPlace.

Discounts on Delta flights

When you use your Blue Delta SkyMiles card to pay for qualifying Delta purchases during the flight, you receive a 20% discount. There is no limit to your savings possible with this benefit.

American Express Travel Benefits

This card includes a good range of benefits backed by American Express for travelers, including:

– Free rental car protection for rentals fully billed to the card, applicable when rental company’s offer of coverage is declined

– 24/7 medical, financial and legal assistance for travelers more than 160 km from home

Other benefits you can get by getting this card

The benefits of this non-travel card include:

  • Up to 1 additional year is added to the existing manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years or less, subject to certain exclusions and restrictions.
  • Return protection for covered items returned within 90 days of purchase, subject to a limit of $ 300 per item and $ 1,000 per year.
  • Purchase protection on certain stolen or damaged covered items within 90 days of purchase, subject to exclusions and limitations.

– Significant costs

Blue Delta SkyMiles has no annual fee. Foreign transaction fees are 2.7%. Cash advances cost more than $ 5 or 3% of the amount advanced. Delayed and returned payments cost $ 38.

– Credit Required

This card requires good to excellent credit. Any significant credit defaults could negatively impact your claim.

– No annual membership fee

Blue Delta SkyMiles has no annual fee. This is great news for small spenders and others whose top priority is to maximize the value of their earned rewards.

– High profit rate in restaurants

Unlike its stable partners Amex Delta, Blue Delta SkyMiles earns 2 SkyMiles for every dollar spent on more than just the Delta plane ticket. In Blue’s case, it’s the restaurants. This makes this card a boon for frequent diners looking for new opportunities to save money while dining out.

– 20% discount on in-flight Delta purchases

Most Delta flight purchases qualify for a 20% discount when you use your card. Qualifying purchases include food, drink and entertainment.

– Decent signup bonus

When you spend at least $ 500 on qualifying purchases within 3 months of opening your account, you earn 10,000 additional SkyMiles bonuses. That’s almost enough to trade for a one-way economy in the United States, and should be easily achievable if you use it like your normal credit card during the introductory period.

– Free Amex benefits

This card includes a good list of benefits backed by Amex, such as rental car protection and 24/7 travel assistance.

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