Discover the benefits of diamond Medallions

Delta Air Lines has implemented major changes to its loyalty program, SkyMiles, which bring new benefits to Diamond Medallion customers, elite members of the initiative.

Previously, when qualifying for Medallion status, customers earned the right to choose three benefits for their Delta flights, instead of just two as before. These benefits include upgrade certificates; an individual or executive membership, or even a free guest pass to access the Delta Sky Club, the company’s exclusive network of lounges at dozens of airports around the world; the possibility of transmitting the status to another SkyMiles customer; bonus miles; travel or shopping cards; and vouchers to participate in Global Entry, a fast entry program to the United States for international passengers.

It’s a long list of benefits, which is why another exclusive condition is now made possible for Diamond Medallion customers: the ability to choose selected items separately throughout the year, and not all at the same time. when obtaining the status.

Check out the full list of changes that benefit Diamond Medallion customers:

  • With Sky Club entry as a benefit for Medallion customers, members who have previously accessed spaces through other means, such as the Delta Reserve credit card, have access to the other benefits of this elite loyalty program status. .
  • Delta Sky Club membership is now handled by Choice Benefits
  • Individual club membership can be selected using one benefit, while executive membership uses two;
  • Diamond Medallion members who have free access to the club by credit card will have the new option of selecting free guest entry and have unlimited access for up to two guests per visit when traveling with the card ;
  • Diamond and Platinum Medallion members have the option of transferring miles to another SkyMiles customer;
  • Diamond Medallion members can select the same benefit multiple times, with the exception of regional and global upgrade certificates and Delta Sky Club membership.

Earn miles with other partners

The experience of other SkyMiles customers also continues to improve. Delta Air Lines has increased its mileage redemption options at discounted prices, allowing travel from ten thousand miles and creating thematic monthly sales with attractive discounts. In addition, it is also possible to earn miles with airline partners, such as Airbnb. All this without restriction of dates and miles with no expiration date.

Unlimited free upgrades

When you become a Diamond Medallion member, you can enjoy a free upgrade to first-class cabin 5 days before departure shortly after ticket purchase, and have a Delta Comfort + companion, as well as the highest priority of domestic DeltaOne experience that day. go away. If you have not yet entered Delta Comfort+, you can also choose Delta Comfort+’s free upgraded seat preference for future eligible flights.

Unlimited Complementary U.S 50 Delta One Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares). Award Tickets Miles + Cash and Pay With Miles Tickets.

Day of departure
Unlimited Complementary First Class

Begins 120 hours prior to departure

Unlimited Complementary Delta Comfort+

Short after ticketing
Unlimited Complementary First Class/ Delta Comfort+/ Upgrades for a Companion


Complimentary Preferred Seats




Diamond: the new VIP members of Delta Air Lines

A fourth status has been added to the SkyMiles loyalty program of Delta Air Lines. Diamond members can now carry over their excess miles from year to year.

These changes will take effect over the next nine months and will add a fourth status to Delta’s SkyMiles loyalty program, called the Diamond Medallion.

Diamond Medallion members will obtain this status by earning 125,000 Medaillion Qualification Miles (MQM) or by making 140 flights per calendar year (or even!).

New tier benefits include free Delta Sky Club membership, 125 percent bonus miles for card purchases, no fees for award ticket or baggage reservations, and “other exclusive rewards.”

In addition, the airline will allow Medallion members to carry over their excess miles at the end of the year, to more easily maintain their rank.

For example, if a Medallion member earns 40,000 MQMs in one year (or 15,000 more than the 25,000 needed to remain a Silver Medallion member), the excess of 15,000 miles will carry over to the following year.

There is no limit to the number of miles carried over and Delta claims to be the first airline in the world to offer this benefit.

Other Program Changes: All ticketing fees are waived for Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion members.

Diamond and Platinum Medallion members enjoy a series of benefits, including bonus miles, the ability to offer Medallion status, and day passes to Club Delta Sky.