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Hertz, the world leader in car rental, is a privileged partner of Delta Airlines and offers you exclusive discounts and advantages. Rent your car at the cheap rate, provided by Hertz, when you book your plane ticket.

Exclusive benefits for subscribers

15% discount in the United States and most countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, offer valid all year round on all public Hertz rental rates (excluding prestige and utilities).

Additional Flying Blue benefits

– Direct access to the hertz gold plus rewards loyalty program

– Redeem miles for rentals all over the world (except asia and africa)

– Free upgrade for flying blue gold and platinum members

– 15% discount on the hertz prestige collection range for elite and elite plus members

– 5 flying blue miles accumulated for each euro spent at hertz

– 100 miles bonus for hertz reservations made on the website or on the Delta Air Lines mobile application.

Hire a low cost car from Hertz and earn miles

When you book with Hertz, you are going to appreciate at least 500 kilometers and savings on bottom prices with each qualifying rental at participating worldwide locations. Medallion Members make more. To reserve a car and earn miles, do not hesitate to dial this number 165385.

As a Medallion member, enjoy more travel discounts with SkyMiles partners (such as Hertz Car Rental). Qualified Medallion members can earn free elite status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, and earn at least 1,000 award miles for each eligible car rental.

Enjoy free status and award miles for Hertz Gold Plus awards

As a Medallion member, you can enjoy the distinguished membership of the Hertz Gold Rewards Program to get more benefits. To join, please follow these simple steps in your SkyMiles account:

– Enter your Hertz Gold Plus award number in the “Car Loyalty Program” section on the “Hotel and Car Preferences” page. If you are nota Hertz Gold Plus member, please follow the sign up link on the page to complete the registration.

– Click Save Changes

– Click the register link to enter your Delta SkyMiles program number to verify and register to get your benefits.

General Members

Silver Gold Platinum


Base Miles per Qualifying Rental

500 1000 1000 1250


Five Star Status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program


President’s Circle status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program




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