Skymiles: Buy or give a gift card to a person of your choice

If you are looking for a nice gift to buy for a family member or friend, consider surprising them with plane tickets for their next vacation. Your options include purchasing an airline gift card, vouchers, or miles. Gift cards don’t always have to be just in bulk to cover tickets; some can be used for smaller purchases. In addition to airline tickets, some cards cover the cost of baggage and other purchases related to the flight. Others, however, are severely limited in what they pay. Here is a great sample of what different airlines have to offer those considering offering travel.

Delta offers travel gift cards on its website, and they can be used for airline tickets on, at the airport, through reservations, or over the phone with Delta Vacations. They can only be used for the total purchase price of air transportation, including taxes, fees and surcharges. They cannot be used for any additional charges (including baggage fees) or for any other product or service (including upgrades, in-flight purchases, premium seats, mileage reminder, SkyMiles cruises, freight, hotel stays or car rentals).

Gift cards can be purchased online or through the reservations department. Cards can be emailed or sent to recipients. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase vacation packages, freight, hotel, rental car, group tickets, early check-in, international baggage fees, additional gift cards, or purchases in flight. They can be used to pay for oversized and excess domestic baggage, sales tax, security fees, passenger installation fees, pet fees, and service fees for unaccompanied minors.


SkyWish: A solution to donate your miles

Furthermore, it is not only traveling the world, but also changing lives. Delta Air Lines cooperates with many charities around the world, so you can donate to your family or inner charity.

If you’re trying to find a fantastic present for family and friends, present them miles. It just may be just what they will need to acquire an award ticket for their destination.

Present Miles Details:

  • Gifted Miles are appropriate for many SkyMiles awards
  • Miles bought through the Present Miles application are non refundable
  • These transactions are processed in U.S. Dollars
  • Each of the Stipulations of this SkyMiles program employ

Note: Not all of these miles can be redeemed towards Medallion status.

Transaction conditions:

  • Minimum/Maximum mileage bought each trade: 2,000/ / 60,000
  • Mileage increments: 2,000
  • Speed per distance: 0.035. Speed Chart



Annual Maximums:

Maximum mileage payable into a SkyMiles account annually: 60,000



















































Give miles to your loved ones?

To do this, all you have to do is fill in “Information on the recipient of the award miles”. Enter the SkyMiles number and the name of the passenger for whom you wish to donate miles.

Please allow 24 hours for the miles sent to be credited to the recipient’s account.

Giftcards are more and more popular because they relieve the problematic person of giving money.

Delta Air Lines gift cards are sold to customers for their own use or can be given to family or friends. Cards can be used in stores like a credit card and balances can be debited from the card at the time of purchase.

Cards are swiped through traditional credit card terminals and point of sale systems.

Gift card terms of use

The certificate number and redemption code on the Delta Electronic Gift Card (“Electronic Gift”) or on the back of the physical Delta Gift Card (“Card”) is required for redemption, if applicable.

Electronic gifts and cards cannot be redeemed within seventy-two (72) hours of purchase.

Electronic Gifts and Cards can only be redeemed using one of the methods specified below:

– Go to Call your local Delta Air Lines reservation office and let the agent know you are using an e-gift or card. In the:

  • United States and Canada: Call 800.221.12.12 or 800.225.25.25;
  • Japan: Call 0570-077733 or 0476-31-8000; and in all other countries, call your local Delta Air Lines reservation office.

This method of exchange may incur direct ticket sales charges. Call Delta Vacations at 800.800.15.04. (travel agents, call 800.72.711.11).

Gift card payment rates

Online: When you present the gift card numbers on the payment screen during checkout or charge the gift card amount to your account and the transaction is executed, you will pay 0% commission.

At the store: when you show the eGift card on your digital device for redemption at checkout. You can also print it on a home printer and take it to the store. When the trade is executed, you will pay 0% commissions.

Gift Card Granny Tip: Some gift cards can only be used online. Call the retailer’s customer service to confirm details.

Use of a Delta Air Lines gift card

From your wallet, send the exact amount of the order to the QR provided, you will receive your digital code in a few seconds. Head to the airline’s website and start booking your flight. At the end of the purchase, choose the gift card as one of your payment methods and enter your digital code.

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