Buy miles (SkyMiles) want some extra miles to get a award ticket Delta Air Lines?

Do you need a few miles to be able to redeem the miles you already have for a plane ticket? Do you have miles to sell and want to sell them? Do you want to make an original gift? Learn how to use your miles (sell, buy or give away) and always enjoy them.

How to buy Miles from Delta Air Lines? Under what circumstances is it necessary to purchase miles?

The need to purchase miles is very common. This happens when the airline you’re a member of launches a special flight deal and you want to take advantage of it but don’t have enough miles to redeem them for the ticket. In these cases, the missing miles cannot be replaced with cash. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to purchase miles.

How to buy miles?

To purchase miles, find out if miles can be purchased online or over the phone. In this case, contact your company and complete the transaction: the miles purchased will be quickly deposited into your account.

The terms and conditions will depend on each airline; and also the mileage values. Each company has a maximum number of miles per year that you can purchase. You can typically buy blocks of 1,000 or 2,000 miles and up to 40,000 or 60,000 miles per year. The purchase of miles has an additional value, which is usually between 25 and 30 dollars per 1,000 miles purchased. To do this, you must have accumulated at least one mile since registering for the loyalty program.

Miles purchase details

– Miles purchased are suitable for many SkyMiles rewards

– Miles purchased via the Purchase Miles software are not refundable

– These transactions are processed in US dollars

– Each of the terms and conditions of their SkyMiles program employs

Note: These miles do not qualify for Medallion status

Conditions precedent to the transaction

Minimum / maximum mileage purchased per transaction: 2000/60,000

Pay attention to mileage: 2000

Speed per mile: $ 0.035. Stop by the provisions and information requirements

Annual maximum

Maximum mileage payable to a SkyMiles account annually: 60.00

Convert your miles for an award ticket (free)

The most common situation where it makes sense to buy Delta SkyMiles is if you want to book an award flight fairly quickly and are just missing a small number of miles needed for an award-winning ticket. You find a ticket accessible for 35,000 miles – or $ 401. You can either purchase the ticket without miles or invest $ 70 to purchase the remaining 2,000 miles.

Miles needed

Dollar cost of buying the miles needed

Ratio of buying miles vs. original ticket cost

35,000 $1,225



$700 175%
10,000 $350



$175 44%
2,000 $70



Purchase miles to enrich your Skymiles account or that of another

You can also buy or transfer miles to another member to help them upgrade to a higher fare, travel in a luxury cabin, …

Cabin class

Main cabin class Delta One class

Miles required

45,000 105,000
Regular ticket price $563


Value per mile 1.25 cents

2.18 cents


Calculate if you really want to buy miles

Before purchasing Skymiles miles, it is advisable to calculate if this transaction is really right for you. More and more travelers are enthusiastic about buying miles, which could end up being more expensive than buying a ticket with cash.

When doing the math, consider the actual value of your miles and the additional price for purchasing additional miles. Also, keep in mind that miles purchased do not count toward elite status and transactions are non-refundable. The purchase of miles does not guarantee the acquisition of award airline tickets either. The availability of these tickets will depend on the flight, date of travel, demand for that flight, season, destination and many other factors.

Sell ​​Skymiles miles? Is it forbidden to sell miles?

The rules of the Skymiles reward program prohibit the purchase, sale, exchange or transfer of loyalty miles without the approval of the airline company Delta Ailines. Anyone caught buying, selling, exchanging or transferring miles could be required to pay all associated fees, among other fees. In addition, persons who use such rewards will not be able to continue the journey or will cease to receive the service associated with the reward, unless the total price of the reward is established. In this way, selling, buying and transferring miles privately or through sites not approved by the airline can present a real risk.

Safety tips for selling miles

It is advisable to do these operations personally. Never share your passwords with third parties.

All these operations have an additional cost. In any case, the tickets exchanged include taxes and boarding fees.

There is no free way to transfer or redeem miles. But this way is always cheaper than doing the operations through the websites of the airlines.

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