Delta Air Lines offers you its travel insurance program

Your vacation is an investment of money and time. Delta Vacations, in association with Allianz Global Assistance, the leading provider of travel coverage and travel insurance coverage strategies, helps you secure your investment, you and your loved ones are protected in the event of the unexpected.

The reimbursement with reimbursement choice and the lowest cost guarantee only apply if the Travel Protection Plus plan is purchased within seven days of your initial deposit for your trip. Reservations created with Miles to Move will be refunded as a coupon.

The pre-existing conditions policy only applies if the travel protection plan is purchased within fourteen (14) days of the initial trip deposit (and also for pre-existing states, the student must not be deactivated from the trip at the time of program purchase).

Plus, you can cancel for certain reasons and be reassured that your travel investment is protected. You must cancel before your scheduled departure.

Cancellation waiver for any reason is provided by Delta Vacations and does not constitute an insurance benefit.

Vacation package cancellation insurance: how does it work?

The packages offered by Delta Vacations often weigh heavily in the travel budget. Hence the interest of taking out flight cancellation insurance, whether with your Delta Airlines airline, a travel agency or a specialized insurer.

Be aware, however, that there are many exclusion clauses with this type of contract. For example, you will not be compensated if you cancel your ticket because you have changed your mind about your destination.

The following causes of cancellation will generally be accepted:

– death, accident or illness of the insured or a relative;

– exam or resit for a student;

– epidemic or natural disaster;

– home damage (water damage, fire, etc.).

Contact Delta Vacations at 1.800.80.015.04 or online at

Packages canceled by Delta Vacations: What are your rights?

When the American American company cancels the vacation package, it has several obligations towards its passengers:

She must refund your money within 7 days. Note that only unused flights will be refunded. Thus, in the case of a plane trip with a stopover, if you have had time to complete the first part of the trip before the cancellation, only the second flight will be refunded to you.

Your post-departure benefits will help protect you against the unexpected during your vacation, such as:

– Medical and emergency assistance

Could pay approximately $25,000 for insured emergency medical expenses, emergency medical transportation, and 24-hours emergency assistance for covered illnesses or injuries throughout the tour.

The compensation cap varies between $6,000 and $9,000 per insured, or approximately $45,000 per event.

The purchase of such insurance should never be done on the mere consideration of the price. It is quite possible to find cheap cancellation insurance with a very good level of guarantees. To do this, compare insurance policies.

What about travel insurance with your credit card?

High-end credit card agreements such as VISA Premier, Mastercard Gold or American Express Gold provide for cancellation insurance. If you have such a card, you may be tempted not to take out additional cancellation insurance. It would be a mistake. Indeed, these cards provide for very limited causes of cancellation, as well as compensation ceilings much lower than those posed by a dedicated cancellation insurance.

In general, the causes provided for by credit card agreements are:

– The death of a loved one;

– Serious illness or redundancy;

– Serious damage to your home.

– Thus, many cases of cancellation included in insurance policies are not included in these credit card agreements, in particular epidemics/pandemics.

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