Discover the benefits of gold awards

Along with SkyMiles Gold Medallion status, there is Skyteam Elite Plus status, which also gives partner airlines significant benefits. Here are the advantages of Delta flights:

  • 8 award miles per dollar USD spent
  • Higher priority for free updates
  • Exemption from certain service charges
  • Preferred ground handling with Sky Priority (check-in, security check, boarding, baggage handling)
  • Access to lounges on international flights

These last two benefits are also available from all other Skyteam airlines, so this status will significantly improve your travel experience. This is why we advise everyone to aim for Gold Status, as it brings the most benefits with an easily accessible Status Barrier.

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New Medallion Privileges-Inspired by members, a brand-new Medallion Privileges have been launched, designed to restore you to the original state in the slow journey of life.

Unlimited Complementary U.S 50 Delta One Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares). Award Tickets Miles + Cash and Pay With Miles Tickets

Day of departure

Unlimited Complementary First Class

Begins 72 hours prior to departure
Unlimited Complementary Delta Comfort+

Begins 72 hours prior to departure

Unlimited Complementary First Class/ Delta Comfort+/ Upgrades for a Companion

Complimentary Preferred Seats




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