Delta Airlines American Express Business Card: Benefits and privileges, how to reach platinum status?

The American Express Business Platinum Card is American Express’s most powerful bank card, offering many important benefits. It allows, among other things, to obtain up to 100 additional cards as well as comprehensive insurance services independent of the use of the card and without excess. To be on time for your appointments and save time when traveling for business, priority taxi service is available in more than 120 cities and, finally, it allows you a lot of extra cash.

If you are looking for the ultimate in the bank card market and are self-employed, freelance or entrepreneur, the American Express Business Platinum Card is a must. Indeed, no other bank card offers as many services as this card. With an annual fee of590, the card costs the same as the Platinum American Express card, the personal version.

What is the price of the American Express Business Platinum Metal Card?

The American Express Business Platinum Card is not free. In fact, the price of the American Express Business Platinum Metal Card is not cheap. In fact, in order to obtain the bank card and be entitled to all the exclusive benefits, cardholders must pay an annual fee of660.

However, no bank card offers such great benefits. Therefore, the price of the Business Platinum American Express card is quickly justified.

What are the advantages of the American Express Business Platinum card?

The American Express Business Platinum Card offers many advantages.

– Multitude of free Business Platinum American Express cards

By subscribing to the Business Platinum American Express card, you will receive the following cards free of charge:

  • Two Business Platinum American Express cards for the primary cardholder and one other person
  • Two private Platinum American Express cards for the cardholder and the other person
  • Up to 98 Business Gold American Express cards for employees

So you will not only receive one Business Platinum American Express card, but also two Platinum American Express personal cards that sell for590 per year. All four Platinum cards cost therefore less than200 per person.

– Additional cash

The credit limit is independent of the limit of your business bank account. You can therefore receive additional cash. Plus, you still pay your monthly statement 30 days later. You therefore have up to 58 days between spending and debiting your account.

Please note that there is no limit with the American Express Business Platinum Card. American Express will only intervene if solvency and consumer behavior are no longer proportional.

– Complete range of insurance

Cardholders can benefit from comprehensive insurance which is valid regardless of the use of the card. The coverage is therefore particularly interesting. Moreover, insurance benefits do not include a deductible.

Obviously, these benefits are complementary to the range of insurance offered by the Platinum American Express card. The card therefore offers you all the insurance you need during a trip, from trip cancellation insurance to medical insurance. The complete list of insurances is available here.

Insurance benefits have a low deductible and handling is straightforward in the event of a claim. The sum insured under insurance policies far exceeds that of other travel bank cards.

As a rule, the card holder as well as his family members is always protected. This card is therefore very interesting for families:

  • Purchase protection guarantee: Goods purchased with your card are covered in the event of accidental deterioration or breakage up to 90 days after your purchase and up to1,200 per claim.
  • Trip Cancellation and Postponement Insurance: You are covered when you are required to cancel or postpone your trip in the event of sudden illness or accident.
  • Travel Incident Benefit: Hotel and restaurant costs of up to450 per event and per family in the event of a flight delay of more than 4 hours or a missed connection are reimbursed. Basic purchases made with your card in the event of a baggage delay of more than six hours will also be reimbursed to you up to1,000 per event and per family.
  • Medical assistance and medical expenses: In the event of an accident or sudden illness while traveling abroad, your medical expenses are covered up to50,000 per event and per insured. If necessary, your medical repatriation is organized and covered up to50,000.

Civil liability abroad: If your civil liability is incurred abroad, you are insured up to 2,000,000 in total for bodily injury, material and immaterial damage. And up to 200,000 for non-consequential non-material damage for which you could be held responsible.

Rental vehicle guarantee: You benefit from cover for the surrender of the excess in the event of theft or damage to the rented vehicle up to 75,000 once your rental has been paid for with your American Express Business Platinum card.

Personal effects guarantee: If your personal effects are stolen, lost or damaged during a trip, you are compensated up to 1,500 . In an emergency, you can also benefit from a cash advance of up to 3,000

– Access to airport lounges

American Express Business Platinum cardholders have free access to over 1,200 airport lounges. In fact, cardholders receive two free Priority Passes which allow them an unlimited number of stays in the company of two guests. A total of four people can therefore enter the living room. It’s ideal for families.

– Exclusive advantages in hotels

To top off your trip, you can enjoy exclusive benefits at more than 1,600 hotels selected by American Express around the world. Among other things, the program allows you to be upgraded as a priority, to receive VIP treatment, to be entitled to free breakfasts and to be able to arrive and leave before and after traditional hours.

In fact, the American Express Business Platinum Card also offers other important advantages: free status cards with the largest hotel chains. This will allow you to obtain Marriott Gold Elite status, Radisson Rewards Gold status, Hilton Honors Gold status and Shangri-La Golden Circle status.

– Top-of-the-range service

The service offered to American Express Business Platinum cardholders is undeniably exceptional. The service is available at all times and allows you, among other things, to obtain tickets for sold-out concerts or reservations at exclusive restaurants. It also allows you to order flowers for your partner directly through the telephone service.

The other advantage of the American Express Business Platinum Card is the material with which it was designed: a high quality metal. The card therefore differs from other plastic bank cards and enjoys a unique character. When you pay, you can rest assured of receiving exclusive customer service as this Metal American Express Business Platinum Card definitely sets itself apart from other bank cards.

The strategy of marketing a metal bank card allows American Express to reach out to a new, younger and more modern target clientele. This American Express Business Platinum card in metal is intended to be a trendy item, an “essential marker in the premium world”.

– $150 refunded from1,500 spent

This offer is reserved for people becoming holders of a Business Platinum American Express card for the first time, subject to acceptance of the file. 150 dollars will be credited to your card account if the amount of your spending with the card during the first three months reaches $ 1500 and provided that you have been an American Express Business Platinum Card holder for at least six months.

It should be noted that membership fees, cash withdrawals, currency purchases, ATM transactions, rejection fees and late fees are not cumulative in this amount.

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