SkyBonus helps business travelers earn miles and save on travel costs

It is a corporate program made up of several airlines. Affiliate travelers earn points they can redeem for free flights, upgrades, and one-day VIP lounge access – with the Delta Sky Club One-Day Pass.
Enrollment in this program is free and is intended for small and medium-sized businesses that invest a minimum of $ 5,000 per year.

Better travel rewards at Delta

Delta Air Lines has just made further enhancements to its loyalty program, SkyBonus, specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The new version of the online service now offers additional benefits. These are:

– Greater ease of use and navigation on the website

– A single website for the 13 European countries served by Delta.

– The possibility to choose between five language options (French, English, Spanish, German and Italian).

– A simplified points accumulation structure no longer based on the class of travel, but on the price of the ticket.

– An almost doubled amount of bonuses, particularly on flights, upgrades and vehicle rentals.

– A wider choice of seats available for award tickets.

– The ability to choose your travel agent as your assigned account administrator.

– User-friendly interfaces for travel agencies.

– An improved reward redemption process with electronic certificates

– A wider range of qualifying prices, including on the best promotional offers.

– Unlike the old program, most discounted fares now qualify to earn SkyBonus points. The new formula also makes it possible to accumulate points based no longer on the class of travel, but on the price of the tickets, which optimizes their point’s capital, and therefore their advantages.

– In addition, points are cumulative when a company chooses to travel under a Delta flight number, either on Delta or on one of the SkyTeam alliance member companies or with one of Delta’s codeshare partners. .

– Finally, this new program qualifies tickets purchased either on, or from Delta’s reservation agencies, or even from the SME-SMI travel agency.

– Once credited, SkyBonus points can be redeemed for around 20 rewards, including airline tickets, car rentals, access to private airport lounges, and obtaining SkyMiles Medallion status (the highest in the program SkyMiles).

How to accumulate points?

With every dollar invested in flights from Delta, Air France, KLM, Alitalia and other companies operated by code flights shared with Delta.

Benefits associated with the program

The account administrator in the company can allow a travel agency to have access to all reports.
Points can also be redeemed for Air France, KLM and Alitalia flights In Elite category: 10% more points in each purchase Every four months, the company receives a personalized report with the balance of expenses and a summary of trends to consider.

Compatibility with other programs

The passenger accumulates points in his personal Skymile account.
Employees of your company can earn points for qualified trips purchased and taken after the date you register. Points can be redeemed for valuable travel rewards.

The way to Make

It doesn’t get any easier than that. You only need to purchase a ticket and after that you earn points which you can use to unlock exclusive travel benefits and rewards.

Make sure your company’s SkyBonus ID is provided when you purchase tickets and you’ll earn points if these criteria are met: Prizes purchased worldwide with Delta Air Lines (ticket amounts from 006).

Tickets issued or arising out North America has to be issued DL 006 for flights marketed and operated by Delta prices bought in North America with pick partners:

– Air France (ticket amounts commencing in 057), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (074) and Virgin Atlantic (932) tickets have to be issued and also arise from North America and comprise a Transatlantic flight section;

– Flights operated by SkyTeam spouses as well as other codeshare partner airlines also provide when:
Flights are promoted by Delta which turns employee travel into rewards. Earn SkyBonus points on qualified ordered upgrades;

Earn up to 30 points for every US dollar spent on robberies:

Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Travel to/from ATL, CVG, DTW, MSP, SLC

10 3 1
All other origins/destinations 30 6


The accumulation of points for flights promoted by Delta operated with one of the airline partners booked at fare rate W will be eligible as an accumulation of level 1 points.

The accumulation of points for flights marketed and operated by Delta reserved in the W fare course will be eligible as a level 2 milestone accumulation.

How can points be saved to the account?

When purchasing tickets on, travelers must choose “My Company” is a member of the SkyBonus app on the Passenger Information page and enter their company’s SB account number.

After being added for their SkyMiles profile, the SB amount will likely be added for their own tickets once reservations are booked online at

If your SkyBonus number was not entered when booking the flight, it is possible to enter the ticket number on the Insert Tickets web page to apply for a retroactive credit card. Retroactive credit is allowed for qualifying flights purchased and flown after your enrollment date. In addition, only qualified trips purchased and transported within the previous 12 weeks of your membership will be recognized for credit.

How long does it take for the points to be posted to the account?

It may take approximately 10 to 12 weeks to calculate and deposit Skybonus points into your account after travel.

How are route changes handled?

Changes or cancellations to an itinerary are handled by or by calling Delta Reservations.

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