Book an award ticket with Delta Air Lines: Use the Pay with Miles service

Delta Air Lines Skyteam members can obtain an award ticket from the US airline and its partners using the miles they have accumulated on their loyalty card.

On the other hand, it is impossible to carry out a stopover (stop at an intermediate stopover longer than 24 hours).

How to pay with miles?

  • Log in
  • Proceed to Reserve a Trip
  • Select flights marked “Purchase Miles qualified”

Customers of Delta Airlines, which is a member of the Flying Blue loyalty program, can redeem their miles for an award ticket with the 19 airlines united in the Skyteam alliance.

What trip can you afford with your miles?

Skymiles miles are redeemable for an award ticket on Delta Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeroméxico, Air Europa, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, Czech Airlines, Delta Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines flights, Saudia, Tarom, Vietnam Airlines and Xiamen Air. Codeshare flights operated by a third party company not affiliated with the Skyteam alliance are excluded.

The rules for creating an itinerary with Skyteam companies allow:

  • To book a one-way or return trip
  • To choose a direct flight or a route with stopovers
  • To combine several companies in the same ticket
  • To select a different travel cabin (Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First) on the outward and return journey
  • To obtain an open-jaw ticket (return flight from or to an airport other than the outward flight).

On the other hand, it is impossible to carry out a stopover (stop at an intermediate stopover longer than 24 hours).

The award ticket can be issued for the Skyteam member himself or for any other traveler without the latter being obliged to accompany the member.

It is important to look carefully at what allowance is included in the award ticket for the transport of checked baggage: award tickets without baggage have appeared, especially with the American Delta Airlines.

The information is specified during the reservation process. When the passenger is a member, he benefits from the additional excess granted according to his status in the Skyteam program.

How much does an award ticket cost with Delta Air Lines or with a Skyteam alliance company?

The number of miles required for an award ticket is determined by the route taken, the airline and the cabin used.

Unfortunately, the American company has chosen not to publish any scale. However, a mileage calculator is made available to members.

Use a mile calculator

This tool is useful for finding the number of miles required for booking an award ticket.

The calculator does not work for domestic short haul flights.

To the amount of the payment in miles are added the various taxes and supplements that must be paid in foreign currency. These supplements vary according to the routes taken.

Thus, to know the final price of an award ticket, it is necessary to simulate a reservation. For example, a one-way New York / London flight with Delta Air Lines in economy class could cost 29,000 miles or 71,000 miles.

The purchase of Miles is an exclusive benefit for Delta SkyMiles American Express card members. This benefit allows card members to use their miles, starting at just 5,000 miles, to reject the purchase price of all Delta tickets. Regardless of the ticket price, a Card Member can reduce the ticket price by approximately $ 50 for every 5,000 miles. As an example, redeeming 10,000 miles requires $ 100 off your fare, 15,000 mph takes $ 150 off, so 20,000 km / h takes $ 200 off, etc.

For example:

A card member who has 22,000 miles in their SkyMiles account chooses a high-value flight from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC for a total fare of 250. Using Pay with Miles, the card member will redeem 20,000 miles. to reduce the ticket price to $ 200. The card member would then cover $ 50 and 20,000 miles to get your own ticket.

The award ticket includes the transport of cabin and hold baggage according to the same rules as for a standard ticket with baggage. When the passenger is a member, he also benefits from the additional excess granted according to his status in the Skyteam program.

The booking engine allows you to purchase a one-way or return or multi-destination award ticket (return flight from an airport other than the final destination airport on the outward journey, only), in direct flight or with a connection , in all travel classes.

Depending on their yield management policy, airlines offer a small number of seats for award tickets – or even none on the most popular flights. The choice is therefore more limited than for a classic ticket.

To travel with a baby on the knees, to establish the award ticket for an unaccompanied minor or to book an open-jaw with a return flight arriving at an airport other than the original airport on the outward journey, you must contact Delta Air Lines customer service by phone at 020.76.600.767

Conditions for modification and reimbursement of an award ticket

Award tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. During this period, they can be canceled or changed.

– Cancellation and refund

An award ticket is cancellable and refundable (miles, taxes and surcharges) when the request is made to customer service before the start of the trip. A penalty of 50 € will be charged.

The miles are generally redeposited to the member’s account within hours.

In the event of a no show (no-show at check-in) or partial use of the award ticket, only taxes will be refunded.

Modification of an award ticket?

The date of a flight can be changed by contacting DAL customer service before the departure of the flight initially booked. A fee of 55 $ will be levied.

For any other change (passenger identity, itinerary, company, class of travel), the ticket must first be canceled and then a new reservation made. No changes are possible in the event of a missed flight.

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