Transfer Skymiles miles from the Delta Air Lines website: Give miles to your loved ones in two clicks

Delta SkyMiles is the Company’s dedicated frequent flyer miles program. Members earn miles through flights, hotel stays, car rentals and the use of credit cards. They can redeem those miles for flights or goods and services. Delta allows account holders to transfer SkyMiles to another Delta SkyMiles member’s account. Delta charges a transfer fee and all applicable taxes when switching between accounts. Miles transferred to another account are non-refundable, which means they cannot be returned for a refund of fare and taxes.

Delta SkyMiles miles are earned when the Delta credit card user makes daily purchases using their card or books flights through Delta. Since these miles expire after a certain amount of time, it’s very likely that a card member won’t be able to use all of their minutes or just want to share those minutes with friends and family. Delta SkyMiles allows changing hands from one user to another SkyMile, and it’s a fairly straightforward process. However, as with any aspect of credit card processing, you have to pay a fee. Users can also redeem SkyMiles miles for Northwest WorldPerks miles between their own accounts.

Instructions and procedures to follow

– Log on to the Delta SkyMiles website. Follow the links in the “How to transfer to another SkyMiles account” section of the site.

– Enter your account number, the account number you wish to transfer miles to and any other personal information required by the website. If you want to transfer miles to multiple accounts, you can select up to four accounts in the same transaction.

– Enter the number of miles to transfer. Delta requires a minimum of 1,000 miles to transfer and allows a maximum of 30,000 miles per transaction. Mileage should be reported in increments of 1000.

– Click the Submit button and print the page with the confirmation codes for your registrations.

Delta Air Lines allows you to transfer WorldPerks

  • Log into your SkyMiles account through the official Delta SkyMiles page.
  • Click on “Transfer certificate”.
  • Enter the number of miles to transfer followed by Worldperks account information for your account. Enter your credit card information. Miles must be transferred immediately after submission of the requested information, including payment.
  • Before transferring minutes to another user, make sure that the cost of the transfer will save enough money to offset the cost of the new ticket.
  • Link names change often in render screens. Just look for a “Minute Transfer” link or a link with a similar name.

De plus, il y a la possibilité de transférer des miles d’une personne connue qui souhaite vous les donner, ou de les acheter auprès de l’entreprise où vous avez votre programme de fidélisation. Pour ce faire, il utilise directement sa plateforme ou la dirige vers le portail de la compagnie aérienne américaine.

For those who are not very interested in using their points to try to travel for free or who are not planning to add more, they can transfer them or redeem them for gift cards to buy at clothing stores. , in department stores, bookstores, restaurants, or use them to rent cars or pay for hotel stays.

While most airlines aren’t as open to all of these options just yet, they’re doing it slowly. The important thing is that Delta Airlines, first with more basic options (see their account balance and find out about offers), then allow them to buy, sell and redeem and transfer the miles to other users.

What to do with frequent flyer miles when someone dies?

If you or a close loved one is a frequent flyer with many points or miles that have accumulated over time, depending on the airline, you may or may not inherit those miles or pass them on to a family member upon death. This is important as the account of a member who has accumulated many frequent flyer miles can be worth thousands of dollars.

Delta Airlines has a written miles or points policy that is canceled after the member’s death. In some cases, relatives have requested that the miles be transferred. And in other cases, the airline suggests leaving your login details with your family members so they can access your accounts.

A lawyer may include a clause in your will that says you bequeath your miles or frequent flyer points to a certain person, but only withhold water if airline policy permits. In most cases, putting a clause in your will can’t hurt. This may not work, depending on the airline.

How to inherit miles?

Delta Air Lines has policies that clearly state that frequent flyer miles are not transferable in the event of death. However, you may get lucky with the American company. Points / miles can be transferred to authorized persons.

For the US carrier, agents (with an implied wink and wink) noted that while the airline was not made aware of a member’s death and whether a spouse or loved one has the username and password on the account is another way can use frequent flyer miles.

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