Cancel and refund flight Delta Air Lines: The different solutions to cancel your flight and get a refund for your plane ticket

Canceling a Delta Air Lines flight ticket? Unforeseen circumstances may arise, prompting the passenger to change their travel date, or even cancel it completely. Also, learn about 24 hour risk-free cancellation information in case you’ve booked your flight within the last 24 hours. Any residual value will be provided in the form of an electronic credit which can be used to purchase another ticket. Many tickets, for example Fundamental Economy reservations, cannot be cancelled or changed. Identify your itinerary and consult your reservation by connecting to My Trips:

– Choose the excursion you Want to cancel
– Select ‘Cancel Flight’ button and then follow the measures
– Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees begin at $200 based upon your trip (subject to change the applicable fee is recorded in the Fare Rules on the ticket), and you are going to obtain the residual portion of your ticket within an eCredit. The expiry date of your credit will be contingent on the conditions of your initial ticket and any related waivers.

Ahead of the cancellation is closing, you’ll have the chance to look at your flight information and affirm that you’d like to cancel.

You’ll be issued with a refund as a Delta eCredit or into the original type of payment based upon your ticket type and conditions of cancellation. In certain situations you’ll be issued with an eTicket.
Cancellation fees aren’t appropriate for these tickets:

– Airlines tickets for traveling inside the U.S., Puerto Rico and USVI bought after August 31,
– Airlines tickets for travel originating from North America to anywhere on earth (like flights operated from joint venture and also codeshare partners) bought after December 9, 2020.
– Airlines tickets for traveling between U.S. or even Mexico and The Caribbean
When there’s a flight cancellation or large delay, then you’ll be rebooked on an alternate flight or your own ticket is going to be converted into an eCredit for prospective Delta journey. Nonetheless, on occasion, you might qualify to ask for a refund of any unused part of your non refundable ticket.

Complete the form to ask for a refund for a coming trip if Delta canceled or postponed your trip, and you’d prefer a refund on the original type of payment.

Cancel a refundable ticket

In case your plans change and you also reserved a refundable ticket, then you are able to make an application for a refund.

– How it works?

Go to My Trip to view your reservation Choose the airport you want to cancel and click on “Modify Flight”. Then, click on “Start flight cancellation”

24-hour risk-free cancellation as part of Delta Air Lines’ commitment for passengers who book directly through or even the Fly Delta program, Risk-Free Cancellation implies that once you have bought a qualifying eTicket, you have around 24 hours after reserving to cancel it for any reason and get a complete refund without any fees.

24-Hour Risk Free cancellation procedure

Follow the same steps given above and complete the procedure with one click. Follow the same steps given above and complete the procedure with one click. Get a complete refund, which is automatically issued for your original form of repayment.

Delta will process the refund of your ticket once cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, but some credit or debit card issuers can initiate a record of money to your debit or credit card. We invite you to contact your card issuer to find out about its specific policies.

Just how long can it take to process your refund request online?

All refund requests are subject to the principles of this ticketed fare, and penalties or fees may be relevant to your refund. Your itinerary is going to be cancelled at the time the refund will be processed.

Delta Air Lines makes every effort to process credits and qualified credits within seven days. But, due to some issues please allow up to 30 business days.

Tickets switched into eCredits will look on your accounts on and may also be recovered together with your Ticket Number.

Prices paid for by money or a check will be reimbursed in the kind of a check to the individual called the passenger to the ticket, generally within 30 business days of Delta’s first receipt of this credit/refund petition.

Eligible tickets paid by a credit card will be reimbursed to the original type of payment, generally within 30 business days of Delta’s first receipt of this credit/refund request. Once processed, refunds may require up to 2 billing cycles to appear in your own credit/debit card invoice.

Notice: International refunds could take longer because of local banking processes.

You have requested a refund. How can you check the status of your refund request or request the refunded amount?

You can assess the refund standing on line or if you have questions about the sum reimbursed you can telephone: 800-847-0578 inside the U.S. and Canada, 404-715-5417 in Atlanta, Georgia or Beyond the U.S. and Canada

How can you request a refund by phone or email?

You can review the refund online, or if you have questions about the amount refunded, you can call 800-847-0578 in the US and Canada, or 404-715-5417 in Atlanta, GA or beyond the United States.

You can submit your newfound flight coupons/paper tickets from email into the Delta Passenger Refunds Department in the following addresses: Passenger Refunds, 4th Floors, 700 South Central Avenue, Hapeville, GA 30354.

Can you refund your ticket at one of the ticket offices? Yes, visit the ticket offices to get what Delta Air Lines owes you.

Do you have a non-refundable ticket and haven’t used it? How to get a refund in this case? If your ticket isn’t refundable, you may nonetheless have the ability to cancel your own itinerary. You’ve got one year in the ticket’s first issue date to make use of the ticket, subject to any related waivers that will extend this expiry date reschedule your journey without sacrificing the entire value of this ticket (less any applicable change fees).

For domestic travel, tickets have to be reissued and traveling done within a year of their initial ticket date, subject to any relevant waivers that will extend this expiry date.
For overseas travel, tickets have to be reissued to the exact same or another global destination, and travel must start within a year of their initial ticket date, subject to any relevant waivers that will extend this expiry date.

Exception: The departure of the passenger, immediate relative, or travel companion. In cases like this, you’ll have to forward a copy of the death certificate to the Passenger Refunds Department mailing address.

Clients that purchase Fundamental Economy (E reserving course ) may not have the capability to alter or repay their ticket following the Risk-Free intervening interval.

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