Discover the benefits of Platinum medallions

For all members reaching Platinum level in the Skymiles loyalty program, they can obtain rewards in the form of free upgrades, choice of preferential rates, …

Get exclusive benefits for Diamond and Platinum Medals

As a Platinum Medallion member, you will choose a customizable offer. Choosing benefits allows you to choose other benefits that are most important to you. Choose from the following options:

  • Four regional upgrade certificates
  • Give silver status to friends or family
  • Provide 20,000 bonus miles for yourself, others or SkyWish charity
  • Delta traveler’s check worth $200
  • Tiffany & Co. sells for $200. Voucher
  • With platinum, you can get more

Travel with Platinum Medallion status to earn more miles. In addition, the Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM) that you earn that exceed the Medallion Tier qualification threshold will be transferred to the next qualifying year, allowing you to start acquiring status again-these are called “carryover MQMs.”

Unlimited Tips MQM

Example of how rollover MQM works: By earning 100,000 MQM and $15,000 MQD in this year, you will receive the next year. You only need 75,000 MQM to reach Platinum, and you have enough MQD to buy Diamond, but you have not reached the 125,000 MQM required to reach Diamond. With the renewal MQM, you will be able to transfer the 25,000 MQM that exceeds the platinum requirement to the balance next year, which will give you the starting point for achieving “status” in every year.

MQM rollover rights are unique to Delta Air Lines and apply only to its Medallion members.

Unlimited free upgrades

As a Platinum Medallion member, you are eligible to enjoy Delta Free + unlimited upgrades during the domestic DeltaOne experience shortly after ticket purchase, 120 hours (5 days) before first class departure and on the same day, go away. If you have not yet entered Delta Comfort+, you can also choose Delta Comfort+’s free upgraded seat preference for future eligible flights.

Unlimited Complementary U.S 50 Delta One Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares). Award Tickets Miles + Cash and Pay With Miles Tickets.

Day of departure

Unlimited Complementary First Class

Begins 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure
Unlimited Complementary Delta Comfort+

Shortly after ticketing

Unlimited Complementary First Class/ Delta Comfort+/ Upgrades for a Companion

Complementary Preferred Seats



If your upgrade is not cleared immediately, but the seat is displayed on the seat map, you can choose to upgrade yourself by visiting the seat map and selecting an open seat.

Free baggage and ticket changes

If you are a platinum member, Delta Air Lines will bear the costs.

When traveling on Delta Air Lines or certain airline partners’ flights, all your first checked luggage is free. When flying on Delta Air Lines, up to 8 companions get their first registered baggage for free.

Airport facilities

From check-in to flying, move around the airport more smoothly.

SkyPriority service package include check-in, priority security line access, urgent baggage service and Sky Priority Boards.

Other platinum medallion offers

– VIP telephone line

As a Platinum Medallion member, according to the requirements of Gold and Silver Medallion members and all ordinary members of the SkyMiles Program, you can use the Medallion dedicated telephone line for service and support. You can contact the representative of SkyMiles in the United States at 800-323-2323, or contact us globally.

– Baggage tag

As a platinum medallion member, look forward to a bag of luggage tags in the email to show your identity and celebrate your development.

Most people associate flying with being in luxury and the Delta Airlines provides this to their passengers by providing an elite status experience. The aircraft has been designed to provide an ultimate flying experience and is loaded with the most up to date technologies, equipment and amenities making it one of the most impressive flying machines in the world today. The added benefit to the customer is that the platinum medallion members are given an elite status when they fly the plane. When you are granted this elite status, you will receive numerous benefits that include, a signature dinner menu, priority boarding and receiving of your baggage and a lifetime membership that will grant you access to the exclusive club.

One of the biggest benefits is the business class bonus miles earned. Each time you fly, you will earn up to an additional 40 bonus miles. This can be a great advantage and allow you to travel more on the airlines that you would like to travel on. The higher your miles earned the more value added services you will receive such as priority boarding, priority luggage removal, priority boarding and receiving of your baggage and last but not least a lifetime membership that will allow you access to the exclusive club.

The premium service that is provided by Delta Airlines can be combined with the exceptional value and comfort that are offered by the Delta Medallion. The luxury and comfort are what the Medallion Delta offers to those who fly on a frequent basis to be exact. The only difference you will notice is the miles earned through the elite status program are much higher than the regular miles for the Medallion which still offers a low cost flight to Las Vegas.

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