Earn miles with American Airlines without flying? It’s possible

Are you a member of the AAdvantage or Oneworld program? Whenever you buy from an American Airlines partner brand, you earn miles, for example, with hotel reservations through AccorHotel, Marriott or renting a car from Hertz, Sixt, Avis. Consult the list of all the partners of the American company here.

Programs to help you boost your Aadvantage miles account

– Use the Aamiles program
This allows you to earn up to fifteen bonus miles (15,000) by purchasing American Airlines AAdvantage miles. Bonuses begin on purchases of two thousand miles.

– Earn miles with every restaurant reservation
Do you often pass by TheFork when you go out to a restaurant? Good news, even your pizza outings can help you fly later. Earn 250 miles with each reservation,… at no extra cost. How? ‘Or’ What ? Go to the restaurant portal, make your table reservation as usual, enter your American Airlines loyalty number, and you’re done.

You must of course have an Aadvantage loyalty number to be credited with miles.

– Earn miles by booking a hotel
You have plenty of options in this category. Most major chains (AccorHotels, Marriott, Hilton, etc.) allow you to convert points earned during nights into airline miles or directly earn miles instead of loyalty points from their program. Points are credited a few weeks after the stay.

– Or while shopping online
Airlines have what are called “shopping portals” which reward your purchases from hundreds of online stores.

For example, to earn Oneworld miles online, you can go through oneworld.com. Then all you have to do is find the store you are looking for and make your purchases from its page.

American Airlines and all the major airlines offer it: it’s up to you to decide which loyalty program you want to bail out.

– Earn miles with AirBNB
Oneworld member American Airlines is offering 1 mile per dollar spent at Airbnb.
To do this, simply go through their dedicated website, airbnb.com. Miles are credited a few weeks after the stay, although some people get them almost the next day.

– Earn miles by renting a car
The American company is almost all partners of the major car rental agencies. By renting from Hertz, you generally benefit not only from discounts on your rental, but also from earning miles which can be boosted per period.

Right now, for example, members of the Aadvantage program are doubling their mileage earnings on car rentals.

Miles on every daily spend with airline credit cards
They land little by little in USA. The only co-branded card so far has been the American Express, which comes in different versions. Gold is the most advantageous.

With an American Express card (+ bonus 40,000 miles)
It allows you to accumulate 1 Membership Rewards point (convertible into miles, purchases, hotel points, etc.) for each euro spent. Yes, even your monoprix yogurts will contribute to your next flights and stays. You can earn 40,000 welcome points on Platinum.

Earn miles by signing up for the SimplyMiles program
THE solution to earning miles and cheap flights. Find out more about the services and solutions offered by the American Airlines SimplyMiles program.

Members of the Executive Platinum program have the opportunity to earn up to 120% bonus miles. In contrast, Platinum Pro members earn 80% bonus miles. In addition, American Airlines offers its customers with Platinum status 60% bonus miles (and 40% for Gold members).

What are miles?

Miles are very often used in air transport by American Airlines as a loyalty system for their customers. This system is based on the distances traveled by travelers. The US carrier has its own mileage accounting system in proportion to the distances traveled: a distance traveled equals a number of miles collected. To give you a rough idea, 1 mile is roughly equivalent to 1.6 km.

In short, if you travel a lot, in the long term, air miles can significantly reduce your travel costs. Whether on long-haul flights to destinations over 6,000 km or short-haul, destinations located less than an hour by plane, you accumulate points on any type of air trip.

How to get Miles?

There are several ways to earn mileage points by flying after joining the AAdvantage loyalty program. To do this, you must first be a member of this program.

To do this, you must create an online customer account on your airline’s platform. Sign up for the American Airlines frequent flyer program, so on every trip you make, when you go to airport check-in for boarding and your ticket purchased from the correct carrier – will have been validated in presenting your frequent flyer card number, you will receive points directly accumulated in the associated account. By registering in a company’s loyalty system, you are automatically attached and therefore become a member of the airline alliance. For each of the flights that you take with the partner airlines of the company you have chosen and / or members of the alliance, you will accumulate Miles. This is the principle of an alliance.

Taking a more concrete example. You decide to join the US flag carrier’s loyalty program. After creating your account, you will automatically collect the miles on the flights you will take with this carrier, but also with Delta and other partners. Your registration with Oneworld makes you eligible to accumulate miles on all flights of partner airlines, members of the same Oneworld alliance, which will be directly credited to your account and visible within twenty four hours.

The additional options that you add to your cart can also be converted into miles following the same rules set out below; this is the case with American Airlines and its partner airlines.

By making daily purchases with a bank card

Usually, bank cards offer a welcome kit made up of Miles. You can call it a mileage signup bonus. Each time you make a subsequent purchase with this bank card, you will accumulate points. This is particularly the case with Visa and Masterdard cards. This is a bank card that earns you miles when used for expenses with American Airlines partners.

Where and how can the Miles be used?

Treat yourself to a cabin upgrade with your miles. Travel in a higher class cabin than that initially provided at the time of booking or purchasing a plane ticket: à la carte menu in the cabin, additional baggage option, more comfortable and spacious seat, etc.

Choose an award plane ticket to new destinations whether you board with the original airline or its airline partners. This is a ticket purchased with your accumulated miles. The price of the ticket is calculated according to the departure airport, the arrival airport and the chosen booking class (economy class, business class or premium class) as well as the various options you wish to add.

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